Skylar Kraatz

Skylar Kraatz is a content contributor at SKI Magazine and a ski industry native. A (slightly crusty) Crested Buttian herself, she learned how to ski via leash before she could tie her shoes. Although the shoe thing is still work in progress, Sky quickly graduated from leashes and grew up exploring Colorado’s mountains as a ski racer and skiercross competitor before flying the nest and moving to Switzerland when she was 18. After 4 years adventuring the Swiss Alps, 2 seasons eating green chile in New Mexico, and a brief stint searching for clean air in NYC, Skylar returned to Colorado in 2018 and now lives in Boulder.

Between her time working at Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Taos Ski Valley, and Warren Miller Entertainment, Skylar’s had plenty of experience perfecting the sno-seal on her Kinco gloves, finding local après ski scenes, and figuring out just what makes the ski world so weird and special.

If she’s not skiing, she’s probably playing volleyball, listening to Bluegrass, or drinking PBR with her friends… possibly all at the same time.