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Three Healthy Ski Snacks That Don’t Involve Kale

If you love coffee, gummies, and chocolate but want to be healthy, these three products are made just for you.

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Do you love coffee, gummies, and chocolate? Of course you do, you’re a skier who gets up early all winter and still eats like a kid out on the hill. But what if there were ways to consume all of the above and also get plenty of adult-friendly health benefits? Slope snacks that are so healthy, in fact, you could probably write-off another beer during après?

Well, good news: You can now enjoy all three of these things (plus matcha tea) and still get the benefits of MCTs and lion’s mane mushrooms in your coffee; turmeric in your chews; and quinoa and chia in your chocolate.

Translation: You can still get caffeinated in the morning and eat like a kid while skiing, but now you can do so and consider it healthier than ever before.

Alpine Start Coffee with Benefits and Matacha with Benefits

Alpine Start with Benefits
More than just friendly coffee and matcha. It’s got benefits… Photo: Courtesy of Alpine Start Foods

Coffee might be good for you one day and bad for you the next according to scientific studies, but Alpine Start is hedging its bets and doubling down on the idea that it’s more than OK. The instant coffee and tea company recently launched “Coffee with Benefits” and “Matcha with Benefits,” both of which contain MCTs, antioxidants, Vitamins D and A, and extract of organic lion’s mane and reishi mushrooms.

Alpine Start promises immune system and focus benefits thanks to these additions to their instant coffee and matcha, two great things to have in the morning before driving on wintery roads and eating in the base lodge during flu season.

“Normal black coffee makes me jittery, and I have an uncanny ability to make either terribly strong or awfully weak coffee when left to my own devices,” shared pro skier and Olympian Kaylin Richardson on Instagram. “All I had to do was add hot water [to Alpine Start Coffee with Benefits], and I had a marvelous cup of coffee… that helps me focus without feeling anxious.”

While the added plant-based, non-dairy creamer helps liven up the overall taste, the coffee aspect of the Alpine Start Coffee with Benefits skews more towards “instant” than a fresh brew on the flavor spectrum. There is no taste from the mushroom extract, however, and there is still a pleasant caffeine buzz from the coffee.

Alpine Start Coffee/Matcha with Benefits – $20 for one bag,

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Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme Gummies

Gaia Herbs Turmeric Gummies
Gaia Herbs Turmeric Gummies. Photo: Courtesy of Gaia

Tumeric, an Ayurvedic herb, is commonly found in South and Southeast Asian cuisine. I first discovered it in Thailand and am a big fan of adding it to curries and stir fry dishes when cooking at home. Despite turmeric’s propensity for adding a yellow stain to white cloth, I tend to crave it after big days in the mountains.

That’s probably because turmeric’s curcuminoids—according to sources that are not the FDA—can reduce everyday muscle and joint inflammation. So it would make sense for an herbal supplement company to sell concentrated options for turmeric. Gaia Herbs took it to the next step, however, by releasing organic turmeric gummies.

“We were not satisfied with the gummy options available in the market, which forced consumers to choose between taste, strength, and inferior ingredients, and were determined to produce turmeric gummies without compromise,” said Ryan Marek, Gaia Herbs Vice President of Marketing and Ecommerce, in a press release. “We are excited to introduce our new USDA Certified Organic Turmeric gummies, which are great-tasting, super potent, and use only the purest organic ingredients, giving people a superior quality option that they can feel confident about taking to support their health.”

While you might not pop these turmeric gummies like a bag of Scandinavian Swimmers, taking a few a day might help you recover faster and ski better during back-to-back ski days. At least, that is definitely the case for me after eating a few gummies after skiing and gym workouts this spring.

Of course, they taste so good, you might have to remind yourself that you shouldn’t get through a whole jar in a day.

Daily Tumeric Gummies – $20.99,
Extra Strength Tumeric Gummies – $29.99,

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Kuli Kuli Super Bark Chocolate

dog and super bark chocolate
“Super WHAT??” Note: This product is for humans. Do not feed dogs chocolate. Photo: Courtesy of Kuli Kuli foods

Look out, kale, there’s a new leafy superfood hot on your heels: Moringa. I’ve never actually eaten a moringa salad (and I try hard to avoid kale salads too), but I have had moringa in Kuli Kuli’s Super Bark chocolate. It also has chia seeds, quinoa, baobab, breadfruit, and maca. I was too busy enjoying the yummy chocolate to notice any of the ingredients listed.

Super Bark comes in three flavors—Sea Salt Peanut, Mint Chip, and Raspberry Chia—and all are made with dairy-free, keto dark chocolate. The “bark” aspect means that the chocolate squares with rough edges have most of the superfoods and flavors on top, creating a texture like tree bark.

There is also less than one gram of sugar per serving, meaning Super Bark has all the flavor but none of the sugary side effects that you’ll get with a Hershey’s bar. So throw a bag in your pocket for your next ski day, and you’ll be able to brag to your friends you had a superfood salad snack during après while you order a round of schnapps for the table.

Kuli Kuli Superbark – From $19.99 for three bags,

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Ed’s Note: All of the benefits listed for all three products have not been approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.