Backcountry Skis

DPS Pagoda Tour 94 C2

2021 Backcountry Ski Review

Brand: DPS

Model: Pagoda Tour 94 C2


Tip / Waist / Tail (mm)


Lengths (cm)

157, 165, 171, 178, 185

Radius (m)


The 2021 DPS Pagoda Tour 94 C2 backcountry ski
The 2021 DPS Pagoda Tour 94 C2 backcountry skiPhoto courtesy of DPS

DPS’ new Pagoda Tour line is most notable for bringing back integrated foam into its core. But this isn’t the foam you’d find in a decade-old rental ski; instead it’s purpose-built space-grade material designed specifically for DPS touring skis, and has particular characteristics—including durability—as well as great downhill performance. When sandwiched between two pre-preg carbon laminates and combined with a generous amount of paulownia and some ash wood, the result is a foam ski that’s strikingly lightweight but charges downhill like a boss. The Pagoda 94 C2’s shape provides plenty of versatility for every type of snow that skiers in continental snowpacks might face, but truly shines in springtime corn in the high alpine.