Comfort Boots

Rossignol AllSpeed Pro Heat & Pure Pro Heat

2021 Comfort Boot Review

Brand: Rossignol

Model: AllSpeed Pro Heat and Pure Pro Heat


Number of Buckles


  • FLEX (MENS): 110 (Pictured below)
  • FLEX (WOMENS): 100 (Pictured above)
  • LAST: 100MM
  • PRICE: $800 (AllSpeed Pro Heat), $750 (Pure Pro Heat)

With strong skiing capabilities and fancy toe warmers, Rossi’s Pro Heat models have quickly become the brand’s hottest items in the ski boot scene. The built-in THERM-IC heated liners can be controlled via Bluetooth with a smartphone. The simple four-buckle overlap shells have great on-hill performance and can hold their own all over the hill. These boots will keep your feet happy, warm, and in control no matter how low the temps drop.

The 2021 Rossignol AllSpead Pro Heat Men's Comfort ski boot
The 2021 Rossignol AllSpead Pro Heat men’s comfort ski bootPhoto courtesy of Rossignol