“The Dude” Approved Vuarnet Model 03

These sunglasses really tie the room together.
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big lebowski

We can’t guarantee that wearing these shades will make you as laid-back as Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski, but in the Model 03: California Spirit (worn by Jeff Bridges in the cult-classic film) you’ll certainly look more like him. After a decade long absence from the American market, French company Vuarnet returned two years ago with the same high-quality mineral-glass lenses and très chic look that have defined the brand for nearly 60 years. And make no mistake, Vuarnet is all about skiing—the company is named for Jean Vuarnet, who won Olympic downhill gold at the 1960 Squaw Valley Games. (Fun fact: He was the first medalist to win on non-wooden skis.) The Model 03 has style in spades, impressive optics, and a two-pronged legacy of cool. This dude abides.

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