10 Perfect Father's Day Gifts for Skier Dads

Go above and beyond for your outdoorsy dad or husband this year, here's what they really want. By Leslie Hittmeier

1. Voke Tabs

Voke Tabs are a newish natural energy tab made up of Organic guarana berry, green tea leaf caffeine, and organic acerola cherry, a recipe that creator Kalen Caughey developed in his college dorm room. One tab provides energy equivalent to a strong cup of tea, but without the jitters. They come in a sustainable and compact tin that fits just about anywhere and can be recycled or reloaded with more magic. The taste is of acerola cherry is unique, but once you feel the affects of these little nuggets, you just want more (kind of like beer). $7

2. Hoka One One Challenger ATR

Hoka One One trail runners emerged in 2010 and are known for having two-and-a-half times more volume than a standard trail running shoe. The company also boasts a rockered sole (similar to a rockered ski) that encourages good form, and an active frame foot, which basically means the shoe is adaptable to all types of feet. The Challenger ATR has increased support in the upper to create an all-terrain shoe for varied surfaces—basically this shoe is the perfect all-around trail running shoe for your badass dad. $130

3. Iphone Olloclip

This is a super sweet kit for your dad’s iPhone that includes both an ultra-wide selfie lens (because we all love mountain-top-dad-selfies), and a telephoto lens. The ultra-wide will not only give your dad excellent selfie capabilities, but the also works for panoramic landscapes. The telephoto has two times optical zoom to get twice as close to the subject (a.k.a. you) stomping a backflip. The downfall? It doesn’t mesh with many iPhone cases. $99

4. Flylow Handlebar Flannel 

The Handlebar Tech Flannel is arguably the coolest-looking and most durable of flannels. This sweet number is a blend of wool and synthetic, so it’s odor repellent, quick-drying, and temperature-regulating. In a nutshell, it’s the perfect shirt. $99

5. Braven BRV-1 Portable Speaker

The Braven BRV-1 is a great Bluetooth speaker for action sports and outdoor enthusiasts like your dad. It’s waterproof, shock absorbent, lightweight, and compact (the size of your palm) making it easily packable for lightweight adventures like skiing, backpacking, SUPing, kayaking, cragging, or lakeside chillin’. It’s loud, too! $99

6. Drink Tank Growler

Two words: personal keg. You have the option to go big or less big. At 64 or 128 ounces, this growler’s designed to meet the growing demand of dads all over the world who want to bring premium craft beer everywhere. The stainless steel growler is equipped with double-wall, vacuum-insulation, and a leak-proof locking system that will keep beer cold and carbonated for 24+ hours. 64 ounce is $69 and 128 ounce is $89.

7. Hydroflask Pint Glass

The Hydroflask Pint is pretty much the techiest cup you can purchase (pair it with the Drinktank Growler). This pint is stainless steel, vacuum insulated, and engineered at the lip to feel like you’re drinking from a glass. The slight interior angle of the lip allow for a smooth pour and optimal release of the beer’s aroma. We don’t know a dad who wouldn’t love a cup like this. $21

8. Goal Zero Switch 8 and Nomad 3.5 Kit

This small and portable kit will help your dad stay powered wherever he goes. By wall, car, or sun, he can charge portable accessories like his phone, tablet, or camera. Perfect for camping, backpacking, and off-the-grid road trips. $100

9. Stio Board Shorts

These board shorts double as a hiking short so your dad can comfortably wear them all day on the river or on the 2-mile approach to the natural hot springs (be careful, he may never take them off). They are durable and stylish, and a great replacement for those neon short-shorts he’s had since college. $85

10. Darn Tough Socks

Enough said. Socks are always the perfect gift-on-the-fly and Darn Toughs come with an invaluable lifetime warranty. $20