2001 Gear of the Year: Skis

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Gear of the Year Pic-Skis

Even in a year of outstanding products, a few overachievers emerged. Here are the editors' picks for the best of 2000-01. We have a dream job: testing the greatest ski gear in the world before most people even know it exists. But in this, our culture of public confession, we feel compelled to share our dreams. So we present the skis and boots that will keep you up all night praying for that frosty dawn when you can skip breakfast, call in sick, jump-start the Jeep and head for the hill. It's the best stuff ever made.

Note: Prices listed are manufacturer's suggested retail. Sidecut dimensions are tip-waist-tail in mm. Lengths are shortest-to-longest in cm.


2010 Gear of the Year: Skis

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Which stuff really got our gear testers excited? Of all the good, better, best equipment out there, here’s what we think stands out.