4 Books for Off-Season Fitness

By this point in the ski season, you probably feel pretty strong: You’re making crisp, aggressive turns top to bottom, and the quad burn you suffered a few months ago is just a memory. But off-season is in sight, and unless you want to endure early season pain again next winter, you’d be wise to keep yourself in shape this summer. Need a little guidance? Check out these fitness books.
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Medicine Ball Twists

Core Fitness

Use these exercises to develop your abdominal and oblique muscles, which help keep you upright no matter the terrain or snow condition.

Focus on: core stability

The Fitness Emergency Plan

So, it’s two weeks untill your big-vert ski vacation and you’ve done squat. Salvage your vacation with this express-lane workout plan to hone four crucial aspects of ski fitness. Your quads will thank you.