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Skiing Magazine's All-Mountain Twin Tips Skis (Unisex)

You hit the park but only after the pow is tracked. So you need a ski that won't let you down on rails but can handle the rest of the mountain. These are for you.


Skiing Magazine's 2008-09 All-Mountain Backcountry Skis (Women's)

You may be the only girl in your group of backcountry skiers. But that doesn't mean you need to buy AT or telemark boards designed for him.


Skiing Magazine's 2008-09 Big-Mountain Backcountry Skis

You huck cliffs, ski thigh-deep powder, charge crud, and go on long out-of-bounds tours. Whether you're on alpine-touring or telemark bindings, these skis have you covered.


Skiing Magazine's 2008-09 All-Mountain Backcountry Skis

Can one ski do everything well? Climb skin tracks, carve groomers, and tackle big, steep lines? These come pretty close.