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4 Books for Off-Season Fitness

By this point in the ski season, you probably feel pretty strong: You’re making crisp, aggressive turns top to bottom, and the quad burn you suffered a few months ago is just a memory. But off-season is in sight, and unless you want to endure early season pain again next winter, you’d be wise to keep yourself in shape this summer. Need a little guidance? Check out these fitness books.

Nordica Jah Love

Nordica Jah Love (2011)

If you buy it for the graphic alone, we understand. But be ready for precise, powerful performance that demands aggressive input. The Jah is a stiffer version of the Spitfire 120 (see Men’s Speed). Both are based on the venerable Dobermann shell. A shock-absorbing bootboard smooths the ride, and yes, the liner is “fur.” But it’s basically a race boot: quick, sturdy, aggressive.