4FRNT Aretha (2015)


Rating: 1.76 / 5
Price: $609.99
Year: 2015
Level: 2
Gender: Female
Waist Width: 105, 102
Tip/Tail/Waist: 130-105-125(174), 12
Lengths: 174, 164

Stability at speed: 2.55 / 5
Hard snow performance: 1.53 / 5
Crud performance: 2.49 / 5
Flotation: 3.07 / 5
Forgiveness: 2.12 / 5
Overall: 1.76 / 5

The Aretha is the fattest female-specific model in 4FRNT's Identity series of more all-around skis for both men and women. Skis in the Identity series take many of the top-level technologies from 4FRNT's more pro-oriented skis and implements them in skis with a broader range of abilities. The Aretha is an all-mountain ski that, because of its 105-mm waist, plays more to the Western skier. It's built with a wood core, semi-cap construction, and most notable, Reflect Tech - identical rocker and sidecut radii that 4FRNT says allows the sidecut and rocker to work together more effectively to make a smooth, predictable ride. It's also built with 4FRNT's Contour Core, a female-specific core design that centers the weight of the ski a bit further back allowing for the more centered style of skiing preferred by women. Utah-based 4FRNT was founded in 2002 by pro skier Matt Sterbenz and has been rider-owned and operated ever since. The Aretha, along with many of 4FRNT's skis, is built in the Elan factory in Slovenia.