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7 Reasons to Ski in Denim

Our fashion editor dispels some myths and dispenses some solid outerwear advice.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We've been stressing hard lately about looking sharp this winter—going over different outerwear combinations in our heads with the ultimate goal of steez in mind. The stress reminded us of the heartfelt advice from Tucker Neary in this article we posted last April, so here 'tis again. Thanks for keeping it real, Tucker.


You guessed wrong. That handsome and fashionably dressed male in the right of the photo (yours truly) is not from Texas. He’s just a regular dude with impeccable taste in outerwear and a healthy appreciation for a solid pair of Levi's.

When you’re skiing in jeans, you really want a loose-fitting pair of boot cuts. I suggest Levi’s 527s. You might ask yourself, “If I crash, won’t I get soaked?” Wrong again. When sporting a Canadian Tuxedo, your confidence level will skyrocket, and falling will no longer be an option. Trust me. It’s science, and I’m an expert.

Try skiing in denim. Here’s seven reasons why:

1. You are ready for après the instant you take off your boots.

2. Denim is made from cotton, the fabric of our lives.

3. Jeans encourage you to wear a leather belt and a belt buckle, both of which can be useful in emergency situations.

4. A form-fitting pair of jeans is both flattering and less wind resistant.

5. It’s practical. Jeans allow you to wear one outfit for every situation. You can ski, work manual labor, and take your best gal out on the town all in the same outfit.

6. Denim has been shown to protect against rattlesnake bites.

7. At $39.99 a pair, the price point is spot on.


No, that’s not a typo. The Games are notoriously poorly attended. For 2010’s events, just 12 of Whistler and Blackcomb’s 200-plus runs are closed. Better still, Whistler insiders told Skiing that January bookings are lagging, meaning for several weeks leading up to the Games you won’t be fighting for first tracks. Lucky you. Plus, Whistler won our Best Overall Resort in our 2010 Resort Awards.

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