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About Interface: Atomic Bindings 2005


Atomic likens the EBM version of its new Neox binding to the automotive airbag. It's the world's first electronic binding, and its LCD readout warns you about safety hazards (incorrect forward pressure, ice under your boot, lack of closure or need for maintenance) before they become dangerous. It's totally new, with not one piece of metal or plastic taken from past models.

Neox 412

$299; highly recommended for AC, AMC, AME, FR. Atomic takes pride in the reassuring click the Neox makes as it closes. And for the first time in recent years, Atomic brakes fit together easily and truly hold the skis base-to-base. The 412 has a contem-porary, industrial look. A single mounting screw allows heel and toe to float, toe-height adjusts automatically, and the toepiece releases backward as needed. It's comfortable and well-priced.

Neox EBM 412

$1,099; recommended for AC, AMC, AME. The EBM electronic toepiece runs a safety-check when you step in, communicating with the heel via radio. The LCD readout says "OK" when everything is safe. It expresses your DIN setting to the nearest tenth, and objects if there's any ice or debris under your boot. It's expensive, but it makes you wonder how many bindings are fouled on a daily basis. Sept. 2004