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About Interface: Look Bindings 2005

About Interface (gear 04)

With its Pivot heel, Look claims it "requires less technology to do a better job." The heelpiece's fulcrum is directly above the boot heel. As you step in, superior mechanical advantage levers the boot into place. This, combined with five points of contact that envelop the toe, creates a tight coupling for better leverage, grip and control.

NX11 Lifter

$195; for AC, AMC. This bargain binding features a traditional step-in heel. The longer mounting platform (compared to a Pivot heel) takes some of the roundness out of the ski's flex. If you can afford a Pivot, that's the way to go.

P12 Lifter

$305; highly recommended for AMC, AME, FR, Race. Here's the Pivot feel so many know and love. Skis arc with no sense of a flat spot under the heel, the brakes fit together well, and Look's proven DIN accuracy all but eliminates pre-release worries.

P12 Ti Lifter

$335; recommended for AMC, AME, FR, Race. The weight-reduction of the stealthy looking Ti model-even at 300 grams-may be of dubious benefit on a heavy ski with a metal interface plate. On livelier skis meant for freestyle moguls or aerials, however, it might be worth the extra $30. Sept. 2004