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About Interface: Rossignol Bindings 2005


Having narrowed its interface line, Rossi focuses on its split IPS plates, which are integrated into many models. Dividing the plate down the center cuts weight and enhances edging. Elastomers beneath it are progressive in how they compress: The faster you go and the more energy you put in, the more you get back.

Axium 300 IPS Twin Pulsion

$219; recommended for AC, AMC, AME, FR. Elastomer components give the ski lively rebound. The IPS interface really shines at higher speeds and edge angles.

Axial 120 T Plate S

$329; recommended for AMC, AME, FR, Race. This plate, with little lift and no ramp, enhances edge access, even on wide skis. The Axial's tight coupling is reassuring in sound, feel and in its ability to set an edge.

Axial 140 Pro with IPS Twin Pulsion

$359; highly recommended for AME, FR, Race. This IPS plate, designed as a mate for the 9S Oversize ski, is a perfect match, delivering tenacious edge-grip and plenty of adrenaline-packed energy. It allows ultratight arcs. Who cares if it's not FIS-legal? Sept. 2004