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About Interface: Salomon Bindings 2005


Lately, Salomon has focused on bringing wider skis to a higher level. With bindings, the emphasis is on weight reduction.

S710 SC Extralight

$200; recommended for AC, AMC, AME, FR. The Extralight is just what its name implies: a featherweight binding designed for those who are bothered by heavy interfaces. The S710 SC has titanium components, with portions lopped off to lighten it. It's an excellent value, though stronger, heavier skiers will want a little more heft.

S914 FIS 20 with PowerAxe SL Plate

$350; for AMC, AME, FR, Race. Designed for slalom skis, the PowerAxe SL interface provides huge energy, rebound and response. But beware: It's highly precise-and unforgiving.

S914 FIS 20 with ZZ Plate

$350; highly recommended for AME, Race. This two-piece plate is fixed at the toe, but the heel glides freely so that the ski can flex unimpeded, and elastomer elements provide abundant rebound. While the PowerAxe plate feels fast (and rough), the ZZ plate is consistently faster in tests, though it feels softer and more manageable. It requires periodic lubrication and maintenance, but it sizzles. Sept 2004