About Interface: Tyrolia Bindings 2005

About Interface (gear 04)

(Partners: Head, Fischer)

In its quest to offer versatility and choices, Tyrolia bucks the systems trend. Its Railflex2 interfaces are designed using Head skis but can also be mounted on any flat ski. The Tyrolia heel and toe glide freely on rails, and there are three mounting positions within a 15-mm range: neutral, aft for speed and forward for easy turning.

SLD 11 Railflex

$200; for AC, AMC. The new ultralight toe housing has a sexy delta shape. The coupling is comfortable but not very exacting.

LD 12 Railflex

$275; highly recommended for AMC, AME, FR, Race. The LD toe is a much tighter coupling that allows more intimacy with the ski. Lots of weight reduction has gone into this design, and its lightness makes the ski responsive. Because the spring isn't beefy, lighter skiers will appreciate this interface.

HD 14 Railflex $340; highly recommended for AMC, AME, FR, Race. The quality leap from SLD 11 to LD 12 is huge, but the jump to the heavy-duty HD 14 is even bigger. This is a precise binding with strong spring compression as you step in. The slop-free roll coupling and Railflex bring out the best in any ski.

FISCHER The housings of Fischer bindings are unique, but the mechanical guts are produced by Tyrolia, and the two companies share nomenclature. Fischer's version of Railflex2 offers a little higher lift.

Sept. 2004