Accessory Action: Serengeti Kinetix Vertex

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You've already bought your skis and boots, right? Good. Because now is when the real fun begins. Your ski day just wouldn't be complete without a new accessory from each of the following categories. It's that simple. POLES: These new lightweight poles practically do the work for you. Essential for protecting your eyes, sunglasses also push up the points on your style meter.

SERENGETI Kinetix Vertex $135
The Kinetix Vertex wrap features a photochromic lens, which darkens or lightens according to the amount of sun exposure. The back of the lens is coated with an anti-reflective material, making it ideal for skiing.

What To Look For
Wearable comfort and UV protection. To wipe your sunglasses without scratching them, use your sunglass bag, not your T-shirt or tissues.