Used and Abused: Addaday BioZoom Edge

Treat yourself to personalized massage therapy this season without having to shell out the big bucks.
Addaday BioZoom Edge

The Bluetooth-enabled Addaday BioZoom Edge.

I was halfway up the climb from Idaho Springs to the top of Colorado’s Mt. Evans when my left hip flexor started hurting. I knew that the bike ride—which gains over 6,500 feet of elevation over 27 miles—was going to hurt, but I didn’t expect the pain to be so targeted in one area so soon. Luckily, it's a familiar pain point to me, especially during early season ski tours and flat approaches during ski mountaineering missions.

Normally, after pushing through the pain for the rest of the climb and enjoying a thrilling descent to the car, I’d have to wait to get home to my foam roller and lacrosse ball, tools I’ve been using for muscle and joint pain relief after big days in the mountains. This time, however, I grabbed a new tool right away: the Addaday BioZoom Edge percussion massager.

The BioZoom Edge is lightweight, fairly quiet, and easy to bring everywhere. I applied the percussive blue ball directly to my sore hip flexor for immediate relief. Later, after arriving back home and uploading the ride to my iPhone, I took things to the next level with the new Addaday app. The program recommends timed sessions on specific parts of the muscular system based on your activity history in Apple Health. Videos show where to place the device while the app sets the speed and power of the device via Bluetooth for a much more personalized, in-depth massage therapy session.

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Man using Addaday App

The app is where it's at.

"When we’re tired and sore at the end of a long day, we love to feel better with massage therapy,” says Gillian Bower, lead physical therapist for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team. “Percussive devices give the same feeling of the tissue-moving processes of a massage to relieve soreness and get back the next day."

This might be one of the key reasons why the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team has partnered with Addaday as an official sponsor. "Our athletes love percussive devices," says Bower, citing the device’s weight and size makes them easier to travel with than a massage therapist for each athlete. Plus, considering the number of different attachments, speeds, and variations provided by Addaday products like the BioZoom Edge, athletes can "treat different areas with an individualized feel," she says.

Besides the relief provided by the Addaday BioZoom Edge, the best part about it might be the price. At $149, skiers can now have sweet muscle relief for less than the price of a pair of nice sunglasses. Better yet, the Addaday app incorporates other tools, like a foam roller or ball, to provide even more specific massage therapy.

Massage on hip

Putting the Addaday BioZoom Edge to some good use.

Since my ride up to the 14,265-foot high summit of Mt. Evans, I’ve gotten in the habit of using the Addaday BioZoom Edge during my lunch break while working from home. I run through a few 5-minute sessions on the app and I feel ready to go for an afternoon pre-ski season workout (or feel more recovered after early morning runs and bike rides). While I certainly recommend the device, I also wish I knew about the app sooner since it helps better target muscle systems using other fitness tools too.

Needless to say, the BioZoom Edge is coming with me everywhere this ski season.

Shop for the Addaday BioZoom Edge: $149,

Addaday App: Apple App Store (Coming to Google Play soon)

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