Alpina Boots 2001-02

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Alpina Edge 10

Alpina Boots 2001-02


"Our company has done a really good job of focusing on the middle of the market," says Alpina VP of sales Steve Kvinlaug. Which isn't to say Alpina doesn't make high-performance boots; it has two newly refurbished top-of-the-line models available for 2001-2002. But the company has really zeroed in on the price-conscious recreational masses. "You get a better-equipped boot for less money from us than you do from some other brands," says Kvinlaug.

Alpina's line has been significantly shortened and overhauled for 2001-2002. Last year's four adult groups have been reduced to three: Edge, Avant, and Discovery. And virtually every boot gets a new name, a new look, and new accoutrements: "We've redone our line-up with better buckles, new liners, and new graphics," says Kvinlaug. "Everything is new with the exception of the shells."

Alpina is also stepping up its presence in the kids' market with expanded colors and a reprise of the Condor, last year's successful junior ski-boot-and-pole package (ski-color choices will expand to three).

Edge Series
Alpina's race and high-performance offerings have been condensed into two boots (including the women's versions, which have different liners). The top-of-the-line E 12 is "extremely rigid laterally, with a somewhat softer forward flex," says Kvinlaug, and it features a dual-hinging cuff and a new stance-improving heel-height adjustment. The mildly softer-flexing E 10 loses the heel mechanism.
New: E12, L12, E10, L10.

Avant Series
These are all-around recreational boots for the meat of the market. The A8 features a dual hinge, walk/ski mode, cant adjustment, and a shell material that's a little softer than that found in the Edge series. In the A6, says Kvinlaug, "We take off some of the added frills to get a lower pricepoint." They also take off some of the cuff plastic, to get more forgiveness.
New: A8, L8, A6, L6.

Discovery Series
Alpina's entry-level D4 has a power strap and four micro-adjustable buckles. "It's extremely competitive at this price point," says Kvinlaug. It's accompanied by the rear-entry R4X.
New: D4, L4.
Unchanged: R4X, L4X.