Anatomy Is Reality


Jeannie's simple pear analogy illustrates the fundamentals of her anatomy lesson.

Women have smaller shoulders than men, meaning they have less weight up high to pressure the tips of the skis. This, combined with smaller feet, makes it hard to initiate turns.
Solution Mount the bindings forward 2 centimeters.

Women's bigger hips throw their center of gravity back.
Solution Insert a heel lift and move the bindings forward.

Wider hips also mean women's thigh bones angle more radically toward the knee. These more pronounced "Q-angles" make it harder to get a ski up on edge.
Solution Mount cants under the bindings to align the hips with the knees and the ankles.

Women have lower calves and thinner ankles, making it hard to find a ski boot that holds down the heel but doesn't pinch the calf.
Solution A combination of women's-specific boots, heel lifts and bootfitting can solve most fit problems.