Atomic Automatic 109 (2016)

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Rating: / 5
Price: $725.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female
Waist Width: 109
Lengths: 182

With its 109-mm waist, the Automatic 109 is a little edgier, quicker and more everyday-conditions-versatile than the full-fat 117, but it's still a newschool deep-snow surfing tool at heart. It also features plenty of rocker, but a little less than the 117, with camber underfoot comprising 65 percent of its total length for decent hardpack carvability. And in place of the Titanium stringers used in the 117, it has carbon ones, similarly placed just fore and aft of the foot for enhanced responsiveness without compromise of liveliness or the addition of unnecessary weight. Atomic's Automatic series include three models of deep-snow powder specialists ranging in width from 117 mm down to 102 mm. All models are built for loose, surfy performance in deep snow, with tapered tips, lightweight constructions and turned-up tails. All are built on wood cores, and all feature Atomic's Step-Down Sidewall construction: high sidewalls underfoot for solidity and edge grip; lower sidewalls topped by cap construction tip and tail for softer flex and torsional rigidity and more forgiving performance. Each Automatic model has its own rocker profile, with progressively less rocker and more camber in the narrower waist widths.