Atomic Beta CarvX 9.18


1998 Executive-Gold Medal Winner

Size: 160-200 cm
Price: $629
Details: A new graphite base, added to the proven Beta dampening technology in the Beta CarvX 9.18, made for one of the slickest rides in the test. Everyone agreed "ease" is the operative word here. "Medium turns on this ski are so easy they're almost giddy," said McMenamy of the snow-seeking feel of the 9.18. Said Bigford: "Keep your feet slightly apart, and the ski goes effortlessly to the edge. It's ideal for harder surfaces." And yet the ease doesn't translate into lack of excitement. The recipe for the 9.18 combines a relatively deep sidecut (for agility) with Atomic dampening (for stability). The mix, according to Thibeault, is "pure Porsche."

Positives: Ultraeasy to turn and great hard-snow hold
Negatives: Won't please bounders and leapers