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Koflach boots have undergone an identity change and now carry the name of their parent company, Atomic. The X-Plus collection of sport boots contains updated versions of Koflach’s popular SC models.

ARC Race 9.28 $629
The new 9.28, Atomic’s flashy race model, screams “gatecracker” with its Indy-style black-and-white checkered flag decal and its big bold yellow logo. It’s powerful and firm with an “old style” straight-up cuff. “Just bang the front of the tongue and you’re turning,” said Steinberg. The ARC Race is well-suited to wide-arc high-speed turns and powerful slalom cranks.

Key Features Rear power brace, dual-cuff cant.
Thumbs Up Bombproof buckles, secure power strap, wide fit.
Beware Buckles are difficult to open. The foam injection customization option is necessary to prevent excessive heel movement.
Who They’re For Racer

X-Plus Series
X-Plus1 $369 X-Plus 3 $349
The name and cosmetics have changed, but these light, well-equipped, well-priced boots are still winners. Said Steinberg, “Fast speeds are not part of the X-Plus 1’s repertoire, but it’s an excellent value for a less aggressive skier.” Thoren agreed that it skied easily at slower speeds “and didn’t require much ski savvy to drive it.”

Key Features An ankle hinge directs energy load toward inside edge. Adjustable heel height and rear spoiler, cuff cant, macro-adjustable top buckles. X-Plus 3 has only two micro-adjustable buckles.
Thumbs Up Lightweight, simple, good value.
Beware Fits wide.
Who They’re For Player, Aspiring Carver, Newcomer

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