Atomic Boots 2001-02

Atomic Zone 7.45

Atomic Boots 2001-02


Long a technology leader in skis, Atomic emerged as a technical innovator in boots last year with its three-piece, interactive TriTech Boot Technology. That system includes a shell with a roomy toebox, a free-gliding arch stabilizer for added torsional rigidity and longitudinal flex, and interface lugs that provide a stable link between the shell and binding. The technology has been tweaked only slightly for 2001-2002, but it is now included in every boot in the Atomic line (including junior models).

Atomic has developed Thermo Skin liner technology, which includes a heat-moldable pad at the ankle and heel. Combined with a lasted shell and wider toe box, the new boot line has the ability to fit a very wide range of foot sizes, Atomic says.

A new soft-flexing plastic arch stabilizer was created for Atomic's new Zone park and pipe boots, buckles were updated with a new durable plastic/aluminum closure system, and soft polyurethane inserts were added to lugs for improved traction while walking. Plus, Atomic has teamed with Recco Rescue Systems to offer a built-in avalanche transceiver on its Beta Ride 10.50 freeride boot.

Race System
Intended for racers, carvers, and other aggro speed fanatics, this series features three boots with the interactive, multi-piece TriTech system. Each of the boots features an FIS-legal 50 mm stand height, and they differ from each other in liner, flex, and cuff configurations. The top of the crop Beta Race 11.50 Titanium has a titanium arch stabilizer and Atomic's new Foam Skin liner.
New: Beta Race 11.50 Titanium, Beta Race 9.50 Hyper Carbon.
Modified: Beta Race 10.50 Titanium.

Ride System
Last year's X-Venture freeride category is now called the Ride System. These boots are designed for expert all-mountain skiers who want high performance on many different types of terrain. The Ride System models feature TriTech technology with stiff shells, a high cuff (except the women's Beta Ride 8.50), and a variation of the Thermo Skin liner. The Beta Ride 10.50 Carbon Recco comes with an electronic avalanche beacon permanently screwed to the cuff. The lightweight safety mechanism is compatible with other avalanche beacons and doesn't require batteries or maintenance.
New: Beta Ride 10.50 Carbon Recco, Beta Ride 8.50, Beta Ride 8.50 Women's.
Modified: Beta Ride 9.50.

Carv System
The Carv System is an updated category formerly known as the All-Mountain Series. The models in this five-boot segment are built for intermediate and advanced all-terrain skiers who are seeking comfort. They also have the TriTech system but with a slightly softer flexing shell than the company's Race or Ride boots, plus low cuffs and a Thermo Skin liner for added comfort.
New: Beta Carv 8.50, Beta Carv 8.50 Women's, Beta Carv 7.50, Beta Carv 7.50 Women's.
Modified: Beta Super Lite 5.50.

Zone System
A brand-new category for Atomic, the Zone System boots are for terrain park skiers. Both models feature a soft-flexing shell with the TriTech system, low cuff configuration for greater range of motion, dual side-hinge damping for forgiving landings, and a Thermo Skin liner.
New: Smart Zone 7.45, Smart Zone 5.45.