Atomic Hawx 100 W (2016)

2016 Atomic Hawx 100 W

Rating: / 5
Price: $600.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

It's as rare as both parties in Congress agreeing on legislation. Wide foot/big calf testers joined with narrow feet/low volume calf tester to give the Hawx 100 W strong marks. It has is as universal a fit as you can find and let everyone ski with enthusiasm all over the mountain. More than any other Atomic we tested, it seemed to improve after undergoing the 12-minute Memory Fit molding process (5 heat, 2 mold, 5 cool). Testers described fit easing exactly where needed; several noted a more even and better seated feeling in the heel pocket. It skied stronger than expected given its cushy-warm interior and gold eyelets on the power strap (which our testers felt were over the top glitzy). Most said it rode with great stability and delivered more horsepower than its marked 100 flex. More predictable and cruiser-like than lightning quick.