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Atomic Rossignol Electra Sensor3 90 (2010)

Rossignol Electra Sensor3 90

Rating: 0.00 / 5
Price: $690.00
Year: 2010
Level: 3
Gender: Female

Toebox fit: 0.00 / 5
Forefoot fit: 0.00 / 5
Ankle fit: 0.00 / 5
Instep fit: 0.00 / 5
Adjustments: 0.00 / 5
Closure: 0.00 / 5
Response: 0.00 / 5
Support: 0.00 / 5
Flex: 0.00 / 5
Steering: 0.00 / 5
Comfort: 0.00 / 5
Average Score: 0.00 / 5

“Fur” liner, improved styling, generous fit…there’s a lot to love about the Electra 90. But first and foremost is the way it skis. A higher cuff, upright stance and measured flex combine for a smooth feel throughout the turn, while a well-sculpted heel pocket gives it surprising responsiveness for a boot this wide (100 mm). “Very predictable flex; nicely reactive,” said Gleason.


Rossignol Electra Sensor3 90

Rossignol Electra Sensor3 90 (2011)

With a notch more power than the Vita (next page) and a snugger fit, Rossi’s Electra series is the better choice for experts or athletic intermediates. Our lankiest tester wanted a taller cuff, but for most women it’s fine. As with all the new Rossis, the liner is plush but not sloppy, fitted perfectly to its shell, and the shell’s geometry sets the skier up for a balanced and responsive ride.

Rossignol Electra Sensor3 80

Rossignol Electra Sensor3 80 (2011)

A slight softening of flex makes the Electra 80 a bit less powerful than the 90 (below), but it’s a better choice for intermediates or lighter experts. Otherwise, it’s a carbon copy of the 90. Both have rubbery Vibram soles that make parking lots and base lodge staircases easier to navigate, and both have quilted fleece-fur liners that ski accurately while keeping the cold out.