Launches New Apparel Brand

An army of opinionated web surfers help develop a new clothing line.
Stoic Apparel

It’s kind of like a focus group on steroids: A collection of 92,000 people with similar interests in the outdoors are free to anonymously voice their love or hatred of a piece of gear in as much detail as they’d like. There’s no moderation. In fact, it’s all encouraged.

“It’s kind of like the Wild West of online,” says spokesperson Mike Geraci.

Thanks to its run-wild-with-your-opinions forum, announced last week the launch of a new uber-technical apparel brand called Stoic. An under-two-pounds Bombshell insulated jacket, softshell pants and bibs made out of breathable waterproof material, and wool-lined gloves with durable goatskin palms and finger reinforcements.

Developing Stoic has been a three-year work in progress and the comments posted on were a vital part of the process, says Geraci.

“What we do is harvest and monitor all the comments and reviews and feedback and that becomes part of the research and development process for Stoic gear,” Geraci says. “It’s an amazing resource to have.” []


From the second Dynafit added Eric Hjorleifson to their pro team, the skiing community has anxiously awaited some new developments in boot technology. By using the tech developed in their widely successful TLT5 boots and marrying it with the ideas from Hoji’s Frankenboot, Dynafit has created the Vulcan. Intended for the aggressive freeride touring/mountaineering crowd, the Vulcan is one of the stiffest touring boots I’ve ever tried on (though I didn’t get to ski it). However, what impressed me the most—even more than its light weight (1590 grams)—is the range of motion in walk mode. When you pull out the removable tongue (much like the TLT5), this boot has near unmatched stride length (both fore and aft), especially amongst other aggressive, downhill-oriented boots. I personally am pumped for the arrival of this boot next season. It will do a big part to change the perception of what is possible in boot tech, especially in the tourability of aggressive AT boots.

Dynafit's New Gear

Between Bavarian pow turns and steins of weißbier, one editor got the scoop on some exciting new developments at Dynafit during a trip to that brand's homeland—including a new Eric Hjorliefson collaboration boot called the Vulcan.