Beard Head

Face freezing? Grow a beard (or just buy one)
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Beard Head

Jesus. Leonardo da Vinci. Chuck Norris. History's greatest men have sported face curtains. But we know, beards are no picnic. They frustrate women, they accumulate wayward food particles and they require more maintenance than an antique car. Most of the time, they're simply a nuisance. In cold temps, though, they sure do come in handy. Santa knows.

Now for all those freezing, bald faces there’s Beard Head, a hat/balaclava that combines the comfort and warmth of a traditional knit cap with the ever-so-stylish facial fashion. Beard Head comes in yellow (Viking), brown (Lumberjack), gray (Grandpa), black (Pirate) and pink (Bunny: Why should guys have all the fun?). If a handlebar moustache isn't your thing, swap it out with a Fu Manchu add-on for $4.99.



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