For skiers who want to rule the mountain, these skis are where to start. They can take on groomed, chop, bumps, power, the list goes on. You call it, they ski it. And like well-trained dogs, take the leash off and let these ski do the work all over the mountain.

BEST IN TEST: Head Kore 93

2020 Head Kore 93

The 2020 Head Kore 93 had the highest score of any ski at SKI Test in Taos, N.M.

The narrowest member of Head’s Kore family has proved to be the complete all-mountain package yet again. The ski’s construction is a perfectly blended combination of a karuba wood core with Koroyd plus carbon and graphene built into the tip and tail. Altogether, this provides best in class versatility, best overall impression, and the top score of the entire SKI Test. According to Sexauer: “The best ski from the test. Can make you a better skier without forcing you to be a better skier.”

Our highest-scoring ski is available here: 2020 Head Kore 93

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Head Kore 93 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating 4.34 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters) 133/93/115
  • Lengths (In Centimeters) 153, 162, 171, 180, 189
  • Radius (In Meters) 16.4
  • MSRP: $750 [BUY NOW]

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Blizzard Bonafide

2020 Blizzard Bonafide

The 2020 Blizzard Bonafide.

The Bonafide remains a top choice for advanced and expert-level skiers who want planks that can handle variable terrain with grace. Thanks to bi-directional carbon inserts in the tip and tail, two sheets of Titanal sandwiching a poplar-beech wood core, and an optimal rocker profile, the Bonafide topped the charts for crud performance, stability at speed, and hard-snow performance. Larsen: “Precise as a surgeon’s scalpel, balanced as a Russian gymnast. The ultimate one-ski quiver.”

Blizzard Bonafide Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.07 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 135/98/119
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 166, 173, 180, 187
  • Radius (In Meters): 18
  • MSRP: $840 [BUY NOW]

Read more about the 2020 Blizzard Bonafide

Nordica Enforcer 100

2020 Nordica Enforcer 100

The Nordica Enforcer 100 for 2020.

Last season’s best-selling men’s ski in the U.S. remains the benchmark for the category. At Taos, the Enforcer 100 was among the widest skis entered in this group, which explains its top marks in flotation. But with a signature construction of two sheets of Titanal, ABS sidewalls, and a proprietary wood core construction, this classic ski can handle any run in any condition. Sommers: “Such a stable ski in all conditions. Floaty in powder, stiff on groomers, maneuverable through bumps, and holds strong on steeps.”

Buy it on Amazon: Nordica Enforcer 100

Nordica Enforcer 100 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating 4.05 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters) 133/100/121
  • Lengths (In Centimeters) 169, 177, 185, 193
  • Radius (In Meters) 18.5
  • MSRP: $800 [BUY NOW]

See how the Nordica Enforcer 100 did at the 2020 SKI Test

BEST VALUE: Dynastar Menace 98

2020 Dynastar Menace 98

The neon fantasy 2020 Dynastar Menace 98.

Formerly known as the Slicer, this ski crushed the Value Ski category last season with supreme authority. Compared with the big dogs, the Menace 98 snagged top marks for playfulness and quickness. With a freeride-oriented shape and turn radius, testers were smitten with the Menace 98 in the bumps, steeps, and trees, but still enjoyed laying it over on hardpack. Plus, the New Wave neon graphics are captivatingly cool. Gleason: “Smooth, clean, runs a round-bellied turn with precision, and looks hot.”

Buy the Best Value ski from the 2020 Ski Test here: Dynastar Menace 98

Dynastar Menace 98 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.05 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 132/98/120
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 169, 175, 181, 187
  • Radius (In Meters): 23
  • MSRP: $600

Check out more info for the Dynastar Menace 98

Völkl Mantra M5

2020 Volkl Mantra M5

The 2020 Völkl Mantra M5.

Last season’s biggest release remained unchanged but moved up significantly in the rankings. Why? Well, it fits this revised one-ski-for-every mountain category perfectly. Featuring a modified upper layer of Titanal—which Völkl dubs the Titanal Frame—and a carbon insert in the tip, the Mantra M5 wowed testers with its stability at speed and its ability to mow down crud and bumps all day long while still remaining quick edge-to-edge. Rogan: “A blast of a ski that could be anything, anywhere.”

Buy it on Amazon: Völkl Mantra M5

Völkl Mantra M5 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.03 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 132/98/120
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 170, 177, 184, 191
  • Radius (In Meters): 21.2
  • MSRP: $825 [BUY NOW]

Read more about the 2020 Völkl Mantra M5

Elan Black Edition Ripstick 96

2020 elan ripstick 96 black edition

The 2020 Elan Black Edition Ripstick 96.

Building off the success of the Ripstick line, the Slovenian brand added a layer of black carbon to the Black Edition Ripstick that gives the ski a unique level of smoothness throughout the turn, and provides even more stability at speed. Testers gave it highest marks in forgiveness, indicating that this Ripstick won’t punish you for being a little less than perfect at the end of a ski day. Kray: “Loved the balance, feel, and confidence of this ski. Handles various speeds and styles with ease and eloquence.”

Elan Black Edition Ripstick 96 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.95 / 5 
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 134/96/113
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 167, 174, 181, 188
  • Radius (In Meters): 18
  • MSRP: $1,000

See more details about the Elan Black Edition Ripstick 96

K2 Mindbender 99TI

2020 K2 Mindbender 99Ti

The 2020 K2 Mindbender 99TI.

Dubbed “The Widowmaker” of K2’s new Mindbender series, the blacked-out 99Ti is made to go fast on edge. With a modified, Y-shaped upper layer of Titanal and a maple-aspen wood core, the 99Ti gains extra edge hold thanks to oversized ABS sidewalls that are integrated into the ski throughout the midbody, enhancing power transfer and stability on edge. Testers loved it. Gleason: “It can carve the mountain to bleeding yet smear like a butter knife. High performance with a forgiving quality.”

Buy "The Widowmaker" on Amazon: K2 Mindbender 99TI

K2 Mindbender 99TI Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.94 / 5 
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 138/99/123
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 170, 177, 184, 191
  • Radius (In Meters): 18.5
  • MSRP: $850 [BUY NOW]

Find more scores for the K2 Mindbender 99TI here

Fischer Ranger 99 TI

2020 Fischer Ranger 99 Ti

The 2020 Fischer Ranger 99 TI.

Fischer’s answer to the one-ski quiver question was favored by strong testers with a need for speed. Featuring two sheets of metal and a traditional sandwich construction, the shape of the ski—in particular extended edge contact thanks to reduced rocker—allowed the ski to excel on hard snow. An optimized swing weight kept the Ranger 99 TI happy in crud and variable conditions too. Larsen: “Feels strong underfoot and damp like a Cadillac. Suits a bigger skier well but isn’t too overbearing.”

Buy it on Amazon: Fischer Ranger 99 TI

Fischer Ranger 99 TI Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.86 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 130-97-121
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 174, 181, 188
  • Radius (In Meters): 18
  • MSRP: $700 [BUY NOW]

Read more about the 2020 Fischer Ranger 99 TI

Armada Tracer 98

2020 Armada Tracer 98

The 2020 Armada Tracer 98.

The all-new Tracer 98 is oriented for more off-piste adventures than carving, but testers found it could still hold its own on groomers while excelling in variable snow conditions. With an all-Caruba wood core and an adaptive mesh laminate to increase torsional rigidity while allowing for an optimized flex, the ski had testers raving about its playful demeanor and broad appeal. Wallace: “A great all-around performer, it was easy to get into the turn and solid throughout. Snake-like and smooth.”

Buy it on Amazon: 2020 Armada Tracer 98

Armada Tracer 98 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.79 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 132/98/123
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 164, 172, 180, 188
  • Radius (In Meters): 18
  • MSRP: $825 [BUY NOW]

Get more facts about the Armada Tracer 98

Liberty Evolv100

2020 Liberty Evolv100

The red Liberty Evolv100 for 2020.

Rounding out the top 10 highest performing skis in this category, the new Evolv100 appealed to testers differently. With vertically oriented alloy struts in the core, the ski could hold its own on hard snow, but maintained a high level of versatility thanks to a girthy waist and perfectly placed shovel rocker. It was the ski’s rebound that really impressed a few testers, however, launching some of them out of turns with big smiles. Schiller: “Happy to carve, happy to bump, happy to float. Award for the fun meter!”

Buy it on Amazon: 2020 Liberty Evolv100

Liberty Evolv100 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.73 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 139/100/122
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 172, 179, 186
  • Radius (In Meters): 19
  • MSRP: $850 [BUY NOW]

Read more about the 2020 Liberty Evolv100

Rossignol Black Ops 98

2020 Rossignol Black Ops 98 2020

The 2020 Rossignol Black Ops 98.

Rossignol quietly planted its athlete-driven Black Ops skis in a few core shops last season and decided to acknowledge the line’s existence in magazines for 2019/2020. Rossi remains secretive about certain ski specs, including construction, sidecut, and turn radius, pushing the idea that skiing is about having fun, not studying numbers. Testers were split about the panther graphic, but agreed that the Black Ops 98 is a ripping ski all over the mountain. Holmquist: “Lively, fun, great edge hold, and a solid, damp feel.”

Buy it on Amazon: Rossignol Black Ops 98

Rossignol Black Ops 98 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.69 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): N/A
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 162, 172, 182, 192
  • Radius (In Meters): N/A
  • MSRP: $800 [BUY NOW]

See the SKI Test scores for the Rossignol Black Ops 98

Atomic Vantage 97Ti

2020 Atomic Vantage 97Ti

The 2020 Atomic Vantage 97Ti.

Last season, Atomic stiffened up the Vantage Ti line and added translucent windows that show off the core’s Titanal laminate grid. On snow, testers praised the 97Ti’s hard-snow carving skills and managed it in bumps and tight spots with little effort. But the ski’s best quality was its ability to remain welcoming at slower speeds, making it a great option to improve technique for nearly every ability level. Syrovatka: “Allows you to be nimble and learn how to carve, yet great in bumps and at speed.”

Buy it on Amazon: Atomic Vantage 97Ti

Atomic Vantage 97Ti Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.68 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 133/97/122
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 172, 180, 188
  • Radius (In Meters): 20.1
  • MSRP: $850 [BUY NOW]

Read more about the Atomic Vantage 97Ti

Kästle FX96 HP

2020 Kastle FX96 HP

The 2020 Kästle FX96 HP.

Kästle took the metal out of their FX HP skis and replaced it with a crisscrossed carbon-fiberglass laminate wrapped around a poplar, beech, and paulownia wood core, damping the ski while reducing weight. The signature Hollowtech 3.0 tip optimizes swing weight but has minimal chatter at high speeds thanks to some serious Austrian engineering. Altogether, the FX96 HP is a freeride-oriented charger that can hold its own off the lift and beyond. Jay: “A freeride crusher I would trust anywhere.”

Buy it on Amazon: 2020 Kästle FX96 HP

Kästle FX96 HP Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.67 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 133/96/119
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 172, 180, 188
  • Radius (In Meters): 18.1
  • MSRP: $1,099 [BUY NOW]

Get more details about the 2020 Kästle FX96 HP

Stöckli Stormrider 95

2020 Stockli Stormrider 95

The 2020 Stöckli Stormrider 95.

“It looks and feels like a Titanal tank, but skis like a Formula One racecar,” quipped one tester about the Stormrider 95. Stöckli continues to defy expectations with a nimble option for advanced and expert skiers who see every run as a racecourse. With two very obvious sheets of Titanal sandwiching a wood core, Polywall sidewalls, and some eye-catching graphics printed directly on the top sheet, the Stormrider 95 means business. Holmquist: “Total all-mountain, push-the-envelope ski. Loved the ride.”

Stöckli Stormrider 95 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.65 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 131/95/123
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 166, 175, 186, 193
  • Radius (In Meters): 17.2
  • MSRP: $1,099

Read more about the Stöckli Stormrider 95

Black Crows camox

2020 black crows camox

The 2020 Black Crows camox.

The crew at Black Crows unapologetically acknowledges that the camox’s DNA is derived from freestyle skis, and testers took notice. With a massive turn radius, the camox performed best at speed with long turns and an upright stance. Don’t let the ski’s park roots fool you, however, as the added pop made this ski supremely maneuverable in variable terrain, pleasing skiers who prefer brands that don’t have FIS pedigrees. Kray: “Nimble, stable, and very smooth. Really easy to ski.”

Buy the freestyle-turned-freeride ski here: 2020 Black Crows camox

Black Crows camox Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.63 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 130/97/118
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 168, 174, 180, 186.5
  • Radius (In Meters): 20
  • MSRP: $720 [BUY NOW]

Check out more info for the Black Crows camox

Salomon QST 99

2020 Salomon QST 99

The Salomon QST 99 for 2020

The QST line was updated for 2019/2020, most notably by removing the Koroyd materials in the shovel and replacing them with damping cork inserts. Combined with a tip-to-tail blend of carbon and basalt stringers, the QST 99 inspired testers with improved torsional rigidity at moderate speeds and in soft bumps. The improved longitudinal flex was also noted for providing an extra level of nimbleness all over Taos. Schiller: “Super versatile with predictable turn shapes that can be easily adjusted.”

Buy the updated QST 99 on Amazon: 2020 Salomon QST 99

Salomon QST 99 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.57 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 134/99/116
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 167, 174, 181, 188
  • Radius (In Meters): 19.4
  • MSRP: $800 [BUY NOW]

Read more about the Salomon QST 99

People Also Ask

What are the best all-mountain skis?

  1. Head Kore 93 - Overall Rating: 4.34 / 5
  2. Blizzard Bonafide - Overall Rating: 4.07 / 5
  3. Nordica Enforcer 100 - Overall Rating: 4.05 / 5
  4. Dynastar Menace 98 - Overall Rating: 4.05 / 5
  5. Völkl Mantra M5 - Overall Rating: 4.03 / 5
  6. Elan Black Edition Ripstick 96 - Overall Rating 3.95 / 5
  7. K2 Mindbender 99Ti - Overall Rating 3.94 / 5
  8. Fischer Ranger 99 TI - Overall Rating 3.86 / 5
  9. Armada Tracer 98 - Overall Rating: 3.79 / 5
  10. Liberty Evolv100 - Overall Rating: 3.73 /5

What does "all-mountain ski" mean?

  • From groomed runs to moguls to the steep-and-deep freeride terrain, all-mountain skis are designed to take on the entire mountain. They usually feature a waist between 85-100 millimeters and are sold without bindings. The majority of all-mountain skis that our testers prefer feature wood cores and two sheets of metal—but there are exceptions about the metal, including the Head Kore and Scott Slight families. Although versatile, many all-mountain skis are a bit too narrow for very deep powder skiing.

How long do skis last?

  • With proper care and regularly performed tuning by a professional ski tech, skis can last for 200-300 days on snow depending on the size and aggressiveness of the skier. Larger skiers and people who are harder on their equipment will not get as many days on snow before the wood core, edges, or other aspects of the ski become compromised. Bindings should be tested by a professional ski tech every season, and replaced when they do not meet standardized norms.

The 12 Best Men's All-Mountain Narrow Skis of 2019


2018/2019 Head Kore 93

The 2018/2019 Head Kore 93.

Once again, the Kore 93 dominated this category. Showing off for testers, this ski could perform a variety of turn shapes at a variety of speeds in ways that can make intermediate skiers advance and expert skiers smile. Made with graphene, a Nobel-prize winning compound that is super light and strong, fused with a karuba wood core layered with KOROYD, this ski wowed testers in all conditions. Larson: “So solid and stable, nothing comes close.”

  • Overall Rating: 4.24 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (in millimeters): 133-93-115
  • Lengths (in centimeters): 153, 162, 171, 180, 189
  • Radius (in meters): 16.4
  • MSRP: $750 (BUY NOW)

Read more about the 2019 Head Kore 93

Nordica Enforcer 93

2018/2019 Nordica Enforcer 93

The 2018/2019 Nordica Enforcer 93.

The narrowest member of the Enforcer family is by no means less capable than its wider siblings. In fact, it might be just a little meaner than the rest, as testers claimed it’ll cut up all terrain with the authoritative precision of a samurai. Traditionally built with two full sheets of Titanal over a wood core, this ski rewards its user with confidence everywhere on the mountain. Gleason: “At the top of the class in strong skiing character matched with ease of use.” 

  • Overall Rating: 4.15 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (in millimeters): 126-93-114
  • Lengths (in centimeters): 169, 177, 185, 193
  • Radius (in meters): 18.5
  • MSRP: $749 (BUY NOW)

See more details about the 2019 Nordica Enforcer 93 here

Völkl Kendo

2018/2019 Völkl Kendo

The 2018/2019 Völkl Kendo.

Testers struggled to find anything wrong with the Kendo. They loved how it can lay down trenched arcs on groomed snow, play around in bumps, and even handle choppy re-frozen crud with predictable, reliable, German-built precision that skiers have come to expect from Völkl. Featuring a metal overlay, full wood core, and just a touch of rocker in the shovel, this ski goes everywhere and enjoys every turn. Rogan: “Just buy this ski, you’ll make the cost back in great skiing.” 

  • Overall Rating: 4.08 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (in millimeters): 127-90-110
  • Lengths (in centimeters): 163, 170, 177, 184
  • Radius (in meters): 20.8
  • MSRP: $775 (BUY NOW)

Check out how the Völkl Kendo ranked in every category here

Blizzard Brahma

The 2018/2019 Blizzard Brahma

The 2018/2019 Blizzard Brahma.

This Austrian category killer was sending strong vibes to testers with its willingness to always have a good time. Even when technique started to deteriorate towards the end of the test, the Brahma remained easy to carve and strutted through the bumps with confidence. With Titanal sandwiching a poplar-beech wood core and bi-directional carbon inserts in the tips, the Brahma is a definite people-pleaser. Schiller: “Rich in design and appeal, this ski raises the fun meter all day in all conditions.” 

  • Overall Rating: 4.06 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (in millimeters): 127-88-111
  • Lengths (in centimeters): 166, 173, 180, 187
  • Radius (in meters): 17
  • MSRP: $780 (BUY NOW)

Read more about the 2019 Blizzard Brahma here

Stöckli Stormrider 88

The 2018/2019 Stöckli Stormrider 88

The 2018/2019 Stöckli Stormrider 88.

While these skis might look like they’re made entirely out of metal and need to be skied by guys who can squat 800lbs, they knocked the socks off the test crew. Testers found them to be surprisingly nimble all over the mountain, and not just for Stöckli’s usual frontside domination. Made with the brand’s signature freeride construction of Titanal sandwiching a not-so-traditional lightweight wood core, the Stormrider 88 has dynamic prowess everywhere it goes. Elling: “Holy hell in a handbasket, this thing rips!” 

  • Overall Rating: 3.93 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (in millimeters): 128-88-114
  • Lengths (in centimeters): 168, 177, 186
  • Radius (in meters): 19
  • MSRP: $999

Check out more info about the Stöckli Stormrider 88 here

Blizzard Rustler 9

2018/2019 Blizzard Rustler 9

The 2018/2019 Blizzard Rustler 9.

Blizzard’s narrowest freeride ski offers more playfulness and forgiveness than the Brahma, making it more approachable for intermediate/advanced skiers and new school-oriented types who spend equal time in the air as on edge. With a mix of paulownia, balsa, poplar, and beech in the core, plus a Titanal mounting plate and carbon inserts at both ends to keep things lively, the Rustler unapologetically wants to have fun without a massive price tag. Megroz: “It’ll make you feel like a better skier.” 

  • Overall Rating: 3.85 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (in millimeters): 127.5-92-117
  • Lengths (in centimeters): 164, 172, 180, 188
  • Radius (in meters): 17
  • MSRP: $720 (BUY NOW)

You can find more info about the Blizzard Rustler 9 here

Rossignol Experience 88 Ti

2018/2019 Rossignol Experience 88 Ti

The 2018/2019 Rossignol Experience 88 Ti.

Borrowing innovation from its race skis, Rossi revamped the Experience line by inserting a vertically aligned sheet of Titanal in the middle of the ski. Called “Line Control Technology,” it does exactly that—holds the line of a carve from end to end, producing super-smooth stability on edge. This concept in the 88 Ti was especially favored by testers for frontside carving, and it could still hold its own in most conditions. Larson: “Has you grinning ear-to-ear trying to get your hip on the snow.” 

  • Overall Rating: 3.76 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (in millimeters): 127-88-117
  • Lengths (in centimeters): 159, 166, 173, 180, 187
  • Radius (in meters): 16
  • MSRP: $750 (BUY NOW)

You can find more details about the Rossignol Experience 88 Ti here

Scott Slight 93

2018/2019 Scott Slight 93

The 2018/2019 Scott Slight 93.

Formerly the SKI Test’s bridesmaid and never the bride, Scott put a little bit of something special into its Slight series this year, impressing veteran and rookie testers alike. The lightweight composite wood core with carbon stringers and aramid fibers was noticeably enjoyable on harder snow surfaces. The Slight 93 also has some poppy playfulness that made it especially fun to slarve and jump around on in the bumps. Jay: “A tight package that’s confident everywhere, even in gnarly crust at high speed.” 

  • Overall Rating: 3.61 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (in millimeters): 136-93-124
  • Lengths (in centimeters): 160, 165, 170, 175, 180
  • Radius (in meters): 16
  • MSRP: $800

Read more about the Scott Slight 93 here

Dynastar Legend X88

2018/2019 Dynastar Legend X88

The 2018/2019 Dynastar Legend X88.

As one tester noted, this ski has a “supple, lively touch that will be lost on thumpers, but skilled tacticians with touch will love it.” He’s right: The bigger guys found them easy to overpower, while medium-to-smaller testers didn’t want to take them off. With a freeride-oriented turn radius, a five-point sidecut, and a poplar wood core complemented by the brand’s Powerdrive technology, these are for expert skiers with finesse. Megroz: “Playful, balanced, and a perfect combo of flex and dampness.” 

  • Overall Rating: 3.6 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 125-88-109
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 166, 173, 180, 186
  • Radius (In Meters): 18
  • MSRP: $750 (BUY NOW)

See how the Dynastar Legend X88 scored in each testing category here

Rossignol Experience 94 Ti

2018/2019 Rossignol Experience 94 Ti

The 2018/2019 Rossignol Experience 94 Ti.

With a hollow shovel that features a trippy translucent pattern and a visco damper, this ski earned tester praise for how smoothly it transitioned in and out of different turn shapes. Featuring Line Control Technology, a vertical sheet of Titanal down the center of the ski ( just like the narrower 88 Ti, p. 25), the Experience 94 Ti was most comfortable on the frontside, though testers still enjoyed it in crud and variable snow. Sexauer: “Super fun ski for carving groomers and aggressively approaching variable terrain.” Strengths: Hard Snow Integrity, Stability at Speed; Weakness: Playfulness

  • Overall Rating 3.56 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters) 134-94-122
  • Lengths (In Centimeters) 173, 180, 187
  • Radius (In Meters) 19
  • MSRP: $800 (BUY NOW)

Check out more info regarding the Rossignol Experience 94 Ti here

K2 Pinnacle 88 TI

2018/2019 K2 Pinnacle 88 TI

The 2018/2019 K2 Pinnacle 88 TI.

This ski resonated with the test crew for its general ease of use across the mountain. In classic K2 fashion, the Pinnacle 88 TI always finds a way to have fun, no matter the age or ability of the user. Made with an updated construction of fir and aspen with Konic technology and a metal laminate, this ski is a solid option for intermediate, advanced, and even expert skiers who make a variety of turn shapes in different terrain and snow situations. Gleason: “Smooth, precise, and quick is the name of the game with this ski.” 

  • Overall Rating: 3.55 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (in millimeters): 128-88-110
  • Lengths (in centimeters): 163, 170, 177, 184
  • Radius (in meters): 15
  • MSRP: $750 (BUY NOW)

Read more about the K2 Pinnacle 88 TI here

K2 Pinnacle 95 TI

2018/2019 K2 Pinnacle 95 TI

The 2018/2019 K2 Pinnacle 95 TI

This ski is eager to please and easy to ski, with appeal to die-hard locals, one-trip-a-year skiers, and everyone in between. Testers noticed the strong tail is especially handy for when the going gets tough, and the silky-smooth flex can handle any type of terrain. With a low-density composite core in the center of the ski combined with denser wood and a metal laminate over the edges, the Pinnacle 95 TI is a solid choice for almost every skier.= Larson: “Not much energy needed to get a lot of energy out of the ski.” 

  • Overall Rating: 3.54 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (in millimeters): 132-95-115
  • Lengths (in centimeters): 170, 177, 184, 191
  • Radius (in meters): 17
  • MSRP: $800 (BUY NOW)

Read more about the K2 Pinnacle 95 TI here