The Best Men's Comfort Ski Boots of the Year

There's no reason you can't have comfort and performance in a ski boot—these boots definitely have both.

If you're looking for ski boots that can accommodate wide feet, are easy to get into, and still perform extremely well on the ski hill, these are the top boots for you. We worked with Northern Ski Works in Killington, Vt. to get these boots on the ski hill with a crew of professional testers and examined for ease of fitting in Northern Ski Work's state-of-the-art bootfitting shop. These six boots were the top picks by both skiers and professional bootfitters. Special thanks to Killington Resort for hosting the on-hill portion of the test.

BEST IN TEST: Nordica SpeedMachine

2020 Nordica SpeedMachine  110

The 2020 Nordica SpeedMachine 110

With a narrower last than its wider brother, the SportMachine, the SpeedMachine impressed testers with noticeably awesome downhill abilities, out-performing the rest of the category at Killington, Vt. And while its medium volume will fit most feet, Nordica’s Infrared fitting technology can accommodate the rest. “A great tool to improve skills.”

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Nordica SpeedMachine Factsheet

  • FLEXES: 130, 120, 110, 100, 90
  • LAST: 100MM
  • 2020 GEAR GUIDE RANK: #1
  • Nordica SpeedMachine 110 MSRP: $600 [BUY NOW]

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Rossignol AllSpeed Pro

2020 Rossignol AllSpeed Pro

The 2020 Rossignol AllSpeed Pro 120.

The AllSpeed Pro was a close second for on-hill performance, earning high praise from a number of testers for its precise skiing chops. Testers also noted the AllSpeed Pro’s fit as being on-point for the category, but it was dinged for feeling heavier than other entries. “Rossignol hit it out of the park with this model, quality all around!”

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Rossignol AllSpeed Pro Factsheet

  • FLEXES: 120, 110, 100
  • LAST: 100MM
  • 2020 GEAR GUIDE RANK: #2

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Lange LX

Lange LX 2020

The 2020 Lange LX 100

Lange took the performance-enhancing Dual Core technologies of its race boots and put it in an easy-to-ski high volume boot that accommodates wide feet. Testers were shocked at how much room there was in this boot and how great it felt edge-to-edge. “Fits like a down jacket, but great edge hold and excellent response.”

Available on Amazon: 2020 Lange LX 120

Lange LX Factsheet

  • FLEXES: 130, 120, 100, 90
  • LAST: 102MM
  • 2020 GEAR GUIDE RANK: #3
  • LANGE LX 100 MSRP: $500 [BUY NOW]

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BEST VALUE: Tecnica Mach Sport

Tecnica Mach Sport MV 2020

The 2020 Tecnica Mach Sport MV.

Offering a plethora of volume options and precise ski control, the Tecnica Mach Sport line can work for any foot shape without a sacrifice in performance. Testers proclaimed this boot to be King of the Blue Squares but found that it didn’t mind more difficult terrain either. Testers also noted the fit felt great from first chair to the barstool. “Very direct, precise, and comfy.”

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Tecnica Mach Sport Factsheet

  • FLEXES: 120, 100, 90, 80
  • LAST: 98MM, 100MM, 103MM
  • 2020 GEAR GUIDE RANK: #4

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Dalbello Panterra

2020 Dalbello Panterra 120

The 2020 Dalbello Panterra 120.

The all-new Panterra serves up some familiar features, including an adjustable last, but also incorporates a walk mode, a customizable shell and liner, and improved downhill power transfer thanks to the shell’s Power Cage design. Testers noted it’s the easiest boot to get into in the category and looks sleek. “Snug where it needs to be, and flex inspires confidence.”  

Dalbello Panterra Factsheet

  • FLEXES: 130, 120, 100, 90
  • LAST: 100-102MM
  • 2020 GEAR GUIDE RANK: #5

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People also ask

What should my ski boot flex be?

  • Ski boot flex is indicated by a number ranging from 50 (very soft) to 140 (very stiff). Lightweight, short and beginner skiers should start with softer flexes, while larger, taller and more aggressive skiers can use stiffer flexes. If in doubt, use a softer flex to prevent pain and practices better technique before using stiffer ski boots.

What is a ski boot last?

  • The last of a ski boot indicates the width of the boot in the forefoot area. Last is measured in millimeters (mm). It is best to get your foot measured to make a more accurate choice. People with narrower feet will want a narrower last, while those with wide feet will want a wider last. Boots with larger lasts tend to have more overall volume, while ski boots with narrower lasts will have less overall volume.

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The Best Men's Comfort Ski Boots of 2019

BEST IN TEST: Nordica Sportmachine 110

2018/2019 Nordica Sport Machine 110

The 2018/2019 Nordica Sport Machine 110

Not only does the Sportmachine 110 have exceptional out-of-the-box fit, but its on-hill performance was a step above the rest of the group. With a cozy Primaloft insulated liner, plus a fully adjustable shell with the same tech as the Speed- and ProMachine boots, this boot is perfect for strong skiers looking for a comfy fit, or big-footed skiers looking for a high- performance boot. According to one tester: “A powerhouse of a boot.” 

  • Last Width (In Millimeters) 102
  • Flex 110
  • Number Of Buckles 4
  • MSRP: $549 (BUY NOW)

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BEST VALUE: Tecnica Mach Sport HV 100

2018/2019 Tecnica Mach Sport HV 100

The 2018/2019 Tecnica Mach Sport HV 100

Testers proclaimed the Mach Sport HV 100 to be a high-performing, high-volume boot that skis like a much more expensive boot. It enveloped tester’s feet like a hug from an old friend but had solid edge-to-edge performance on the hill. Testers noted it would be a great option for an intermediate skier ready to step it up a notch this season but keep his feet in something comfy. “A crowd pleaser with great performance and control.” 

  • Last Width (in millimeters): 103
  • Flex: 100
  • Number Of Buckles: 4
  • MSRP: $480 (BUY NOW)

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Lange SX 100

2018/2019 Lange SX 100

The 2018/2019 Lange SX 100.

Testers used the word “precise” to describe a number of the SX 100’s features. Ankle hold and general fit? Precise. Skiability and edge control? Precise. Increased level of confidence to take younger and intermediate skiers to the next level? Definitely. With an upright stance and thermo-moldable liner, this boot made testers feel like better skiers than they claimed to be. “Very responsive,” wrote one tester, “with a powerful turn finish.” 

  • Last Width (In Millimeters): 102
  • Flex: 100
  • Number Of Buckles: 4
  • MSRP: $500 (BUY NOW)

Check out more about the Lange SX 100 here.

Rossignol ALLTRACK 110

2018/2019 Rossignol ALLTRACK 110

The 2018/2019 Rossignol ALLTRACK 110.

It’s a common belief that having a walk mode sacrifices downhill capabilities, but the ALLTRACK looks to end that stereotype. Testers raved about this boot’s phenomenal downhill performance. With Rossi’s Sensor Grid tech, there’s less material where it’s not needed, reducing weight and increasing a skiers’ daily longevity on the hill. It was a touch too voluminous for some, so little feet need not apply. “Very balanced and definitely not sluggish.” 

  • Last Width (in millimeters): 102
  • Flex: 110
  • Number Of Buckles: 4
  • MSRP: $550 (BUY NOW)

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Head Advant Edge 105

2018/2019 Head Advant Edge 105

The 2018/2019 Head Advant Edge 105.

Testers noticed that the Advant Edge 105 hit the nail on the head for skiers looking for intermediate level boots that can turn into advanced level boots over time. Thanks to a flex adjuster, the stiffness rating can go from a soft 95 to a performance-enhancing 105. The macro-ladder adjustment on the top cuff buckle also provides an assuring fit for anyone, pleasing testers and bootfitters alike. “Accurate, eager, but not punishing.” 

  • Last Width (in millimeters): 102
  • Flex: 105
  • Number Of Buckles: 4
  • MSRP: $600 (BUY NOW)

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Dalbello Panterra 120 ID

2018/20190 Dalbello Panterra 120 ID

The 2018/2019 Dalbello Panterra 120 ID.

Dalbello ranks as the highest-scored cabrio boot in the Comfort category thanks to the Panterra 120’s smooth flex, ease of entry, and overall skiability. With a seriously plush fit, this boot is a shoe-in for teenage skiers learning to carve and skiers with limited range of motion below the knee. With GripWalk compatibility and a simple walk/ski mode, this boot can stay on throughout après too. “Roomy, comfortable, and provides solid skiing.” 

  • Last Width (in millimeters): 100
  • Flex: 120
  • Number Of Buckles: 4
  • MSRP: $750 (BUY NOW)

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This article was originally published in the September 2018 print edition of SKI Magazine. It has been modified to accommodate hyperlinks.