Frontside Skis

The 13 Best Men’s Frontside Skis

Narrow all-mountain chargers, fat carvers that can handle more than just groomers, and geometries that will help every chairlift-loving skier improve.

This is the year to add something a little narrower to your quiver that can play in the moguls, tear through chalky conditions, and even handle a bit of fresh. But, most importantly, these skis can carve with authority.

  • What: Your one-stop-shop for resort skiing
  • Where: So fun on groomed snow, you won’t mind if it hasn’t snowed for a while
  • Who: Slow and steady types to those trying to drag a hip for the ‘gram

BEST IN TEST: Stöckli Stormrider 88

2021 Stockli Stormrider 88
The 2021 Best in Test Stöckli Stormrider 88 Men’s Frontside SkiPhoto courtesy of Stöckli

With the highest overall ranking and top scores in six out of eight categories, the Stormrider 88 garnered numerous comments from testers along the lines of “category-defining.” The Stöckli earned its Best in Test award for its ability to handle the biggest, baddest skiers, but remained extremely kind and approachable when testers took their feet off the gas. Says Mike Rogan: “Don’t let looks fool you, this ski is not as bulky as it appears. You have found the holy grail with this ski.”

2021 Stöckli Stormrider 88 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.45
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 166, 175, 184 
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 128-88-114
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 18.4 (175cm length)
  • MSRP: $999

Blizzard Brahma 88

2021 Blizzard Brahma 88
The 2021 Blizzard Brahma 88 Men’s Frontside SkiPhoto courtesy of Blizzard

Like a European sports car, the all-new Brahma 88’s performance is jawdroppingly good at high speeds. The ski’s new TrueBlend core maps out harder and softer woods at key locations and is sandwiched between two edge-to-edge sheets of Titanal, meaning this is a burly ski that strong skiers will cherish. Testers couldn’t find a speed limit or chink in its armor. Elling: “I thought I was over the Brahma, but now I get to love it all over again. Great ski for skilled skiers.”

2021 Blizzard Brahma 88 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.35/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 165, 171, 183, 189
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 128-88-110
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 16 (177 cm length)
  • MSRP: $840

K2 Mindbender 90Ti

2021 K2 Mindbender 90Ti Men's frontside ski Photo courtesy of K2
The 2021 K2 Mindbender 90Ti Men’s Frontside Ski.Photo courtesy of K2

The SKI Test crew took the Mindbender 90Ti all over the place at Taos Ski Valley, and not a single skier had anything negative to say about it. At lower speeds, the K2 remains easy to get on edge and maintains a friendly demeanor in every situation. As the testers’ speed increased, they were thrilled to report that the ski remained damp, capable, and stable. Donahue: “Possesses a gentle smooth feel that masked the raging power beneath. An even flex makes it predictable and solid in any turn shape. A nice blend of power and finesse!”

2021 K2 Mindbender 90Ti Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.16/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 163, 170, 177, 184
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 127-90-114
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 17.9 (177 length)
  • MSRP: $800

Fischer RC One 86GT

2021 Fischer RC One 86 GT Frontside ski
The 2021 Fischer RC1 86GT Frontside SkiPhoto courtesy of Fischer

Last year’s cover ski is still the crème de la crème of the more pure carving-oriented entries in this category, but that doesn’t mean it should be written off as a one-trick pony. Testers enthusiastically took the RC1 86GT all over, lighting up the world-famous bumps and devouring the steep, chalky terrain of Taos Ski Valley. Still, it was nearly unanimous that this Fischer absolutely owns the groomers, and it has absolutely no speed limit. Larsen: “Round, snappy fun that has the feel of a beer league GS ski without losing that all-mountain ability.”

WATCH: SKI Reviews – Fischer RC One 86GT

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2021 Fischer RC One 86GT Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.05/5 (Men’s Score)
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 161, 168, 175, 182
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 130-86-116
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 17 (175 cm length)
  • MSRP: $800

Head Kore 87

2021 Head Kore 87 Men's Frontside Ski Photo courtesy of Head
The 2021 Head Kore 87 Men’s Frontside SkiPhoto courtesy of Head

The narrowest member of the freeride-oriented Head Kore family, the 87 is an ideal option for any skier who wants in on Head’s award-winning line, but feels the wider versions are a step above their ability. At the same time, stronger skiers looking for a narrow all-mountain option that can hold its own at every ski resort across North America need to consider this ski. Plus, it’s light enough to be a solid spring backcountry option, and is always hungry for corn snow. Loomans: “Great all around frontside ski. Versatile and stable, and just quick and playful enough.”

Watch: SKI Review – Head Kore 87

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2021 Head Kore 87 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.05
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 153, 162, 171, 180, 189
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 130-87-110
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 16 (180 cm length)
  • MSRP: $750

BEST VALUE: Rossignol Black Ops Escaper

2021 Rossignol Black Ops Escaper Men's Frontside Ski
The 2021 Rossignol Black Ops Escaper Men’s Frontside SkiPhoto courtesy of Rossignol

While it was one of the wider entries in the Frontside category, testers found the all-new, 94mm-waisted Rossignol Black Ops Escaper to be made for laying down railroad carves on firm snow, while still being fully capable in most other types of terrain, too. The sandwich construction is fairly traditional, meaning this Rossi has plenty of get-up-and-go that amped up our testers’ attitudes all day long. Britt: “Open up to full throttle and it performs wonderfully. Once you apply the brakes and pop off the little short turns, it performs just as well.”

2021 Rossignol Black Ops Escaper Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.00/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 156, 164, 172, 178, 186
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 128-94-118
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 19 (178 cm length)
  • MSRP: $700

Elan Wingman 86 CTi

2021 Elan Wingman 86 CTi Men's Frontside Ski
The 2021 Elan Wingman CTi Men’s Frontside SkiPhoto courtesy of Elan

Elan has been quietly raising the bar in the frontside performance category over the past few years. The Wingman 86 CTi combines the best elements of the brand’s carving-specific Amphibio lines with the all-mountain prowess of the better-known Ripsticks. The result is a delightful carver that is comfortable in moguls, steeps, and beyond. The Wingman is stable enough to handle strong experts, but can also help intermediates learn how to carve and break through on all terrain. Holmquist: “I love that green machine! What a ripper. Great edge hold, fast and stable.”

2021 Elan Wingmant 86 CTi Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.98/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 160, 166, 172, 178, 184
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 130-86-115
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 16.5 (178 cm length)
  • MSRP: $800

Nordica Enforcer 94

2021 Nordica Enforcer 94 Men's Frontside Ski
The 2021 Nordica Enforcer 94 Men’s Frontside SkiPhoto courtesy of Nordica

Nordica’s completely new Enforcer 94 creates a narrow, burly resort-oriented ski that has a strategically engineered rocker profile, a redesigned tip shape, and a modified construction that reduces weight without affecting performance. According to the SKI Test crew, the new formula results in a damp, powerful ski with a lot of bite on firm snow. The more speed and muscle testers put into these bad boys, the bigger the reward. Gleason: “Precise and solid grip on hard pack. Nicely versatile with an underlying desire to charge down the hill. They speak Eastern fluently.”

Watch: SKI Review – Nordica Enforcer 100 and Enforcer 94

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2021 Nordica Enforcer 94 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.95/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 165, 172, 179, 186, 191
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 127-94-115.5
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 17.1 (179 cm length)
  • MSRP: $800

Armada Declivity 82 Ti

2021 Armada Declivity 82Ti with Binding mens frontside ski
The 2021 Armada Declivity 82 Ti Men’s Frontside SkiPhoto courtesy of Armada

Despite being shorter, narrower, and generally smaller compared to the other skis on the rack, the all-new Declivity 82 Ti from Armada punches well above its weight in terms of all-mountain frontside performance. Don’t count these skis out on a groomer day or during a dry spell—they can carve and perform at a level on-par with frontside skis from brands that make World Cup race skis. Plus they keep the playful, maneuverable soul Armada is best known for. Syrovatka: “Very strong ski. Perfect length and stiffness to allow any skier to have the best day.”

Watch: SKI Review – Armada Declivity Line

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2021 Armada Declivity 82 Ti Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.90/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 166, 174, 182
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 130-82-111
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 16.4 (182 cm length)
  • MSRP: $950 with binding

Dynastar M Pro 90

2021 Dynastar M Pro 90 Mens Frontside Ski
The 2021 Dynastar M Pro 90 Men’s Frontside SkiPhoto courtesy of Dynastar

With a subtle topsheet graphic and a lightweight poplar and PU core reinforced with strategically placed Titanal, the all-new M Pro 90 was fairly unassuming until testers got it going. Then it nearly knocked quite a few socks off with its refined maneuverability and ample chargeability on steeps, bumps, and beyond. This isn’t your dad’s Dynastar; it can handle different turn shapes and unique skier styles with fluid ease. Elling: “Doesn’t look like much but watch out, this one has fangs. Carve, slash, trench, rip. A super fun frontsider.”

2021 Dynastar M Pro 90 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.88/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 162, 170, 178, 186
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 120-90-110
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 18 (178 cm length)
  • MSRP: $700

Völkl Kendo 88

2021 Volkl Kendo 88 Men's Frontside Ski
The 2021 Völkl Kendo 88 Men’s Frontside SkiPhoto courtesy of Völkl

Compared to the other skis in this category, Völkl’s 3D radius sidecut technology takes some time to figure out, but once testers got the hang of it, they were smitten. The tech provides a variable turn radius dependent on speed and turn shape, and, when combined with the ski’s stiff demeanor, the Kendo 88 separates the thrashers from those who know how to bend a ski with proper technique. Those who found the sweet spot didn’t want to put it back on the rack. Rogan: “This is a great ski! It will have as much fun taking you for a ride as you do skiing it.”

2021 Völkl Kendo 88 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.85/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 163, 170, 177, 184
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 129-88-111
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 17 (177 cm length)
  • MSRP: $775

Scott Slight 93

2021 Scott slight 93 mens frontside ski
The 2021 Scott Slight 93 Men’s Frontside SkiPhoto courtesy of Scott

Lacking the huge amount of Titanal found in most of the other skis in this category, the poppy Scott Slight 93 understandably earned the highest category score for Playfulness. These are all-mountain frontside skis designed to be capable at every ski area in North America and remain versatile enough to take on backcountry conditions. Testers were especially impressed by this ski’s maneuverability and liveliness at Taos. Casey: “Just the right amount of spicy. It held the fall line nicely and stepped around big bumps with ease.”

2021 Scott Slight 93 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.81/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 170, 175, 180, 185
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 136-93-124
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 16 (175 cm length)
  • MSRP: $800

Salomon Stance 90

2021 Salomon Stance 90 Men's Frontside Ski
The 2021 Salomon Stance 90 Men’s Frontside SkiPhoto courtesy of Salomon

The narrowest member of the all-new Stance series was all bite with minimal bark. Using a plentiful amount of Titanal and the brand’s signature Carbon and Flax laminate, the Stance 90 is especially damp and remains mostly chatter-free at speed. The race-inspired sidecut combined with a freeride feel means the Stance is a next-level frontside charger for strong mavericks who feel the need for speed. Gleason: “Electrifying quickness slings you from arc to delectable arc. The smooth recoil in each turn begs to push the pedal harder.”

Watch: SKI Review – Salomon Stance Line

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2021 Salomon Stance 90 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.78/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 168, 176, 182, 188
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 126-90-108
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 18 (176 cm length)
  • MSRP: $800

People Also Ask

What are the best frontside resort skis for men?

  1. Stöckli Stormrider 88
  2. Blizzard Brahma 88
  3. K2 Mindbender 90Ti
  4. Fischer RC One 86GT
  5. Head Kore 87
  6. Rossignol Black Ops Escaper
  7. Elan Wingman 86 CTi
  8. Nordica Enforcer 94
  9. Armada Declivity 82 Ti
  10. Dynastar M Pro 90
  11. Völkl Kendo 88
  12. Scott Slight 93
  13. Salomon Stance 90

What are frontside skis?

Do-it-all skis with middle-of-the-road waists (81mm-90mm), a more moderate rocker profile primarily in the tip, more camber underfoot, and a flatter tail. This kind of profile orients all-mountain narrow skis towards the frontside of the mountain, and these skis generally perform best on groomed terrain or in the bumps. While rockered tips add some versatility, these skis are not designed to be skied in deep powder.

Best Frontside Skis of 2019-’20

Matt Schiller Taos 2019 frontside rec
Tester Matt Schiller at Taos Ski Valley in 2019.Photo credit: Keri Bascetta

If you’re a dedicated resort skier who demands high performance no matter the snow conditions, these are the tools you’re looking for. These are versatile skis that can take on groomers, bumps, and crud. Just like Fleetwood Mac, they want to be with you everywhere.


2020 Fischer RC One 86 GT
Fischer’s RC One 86 GT is the best new frontside ski of 2020.Photo courtesy of Fischer

The resort-specific daily-driver category is seeing a huge amount of innovation for the 2019-2020 season from a number of ski companies, and this brand-new ski from Fischer is at the top of the class. The Austrian-built RC One 86 GT integrates BAFATEX—a high-tensile, lightweight scrim used primarily in sails—in the tip and tail to reduce swing weight and increase edge-to-edge quickness. With two sheets of Titanal sandwiching a wood core to increase torsional rigidity and damp vibrations at high speeds, the RC One 86 GT earned the highest category scores for quickness, stability at speed, and balance of skills. Add in three different turn radii built into the noticeably unique sidecut, and the latest resort tool from Fischer goes down smoother than a pint of coffee stout on nitro. Testers were enamored with the ski’s capabilities in Taos, quipping that strong intermediate through expert level skiers will be enthralled by its obedient performance on lift-served terrain all season long. According to tester Michael Rogan: “Smooth and forgiving in every condition. If your heart is in racing, but your lifestyle is now in cruising, this is your ski.”

2020 Fischer RC One 86 GT Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.93 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 130-86-116
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 161, 168, 175, 182
  • Radius (In Meters): 17
  • MSRP: $900 with bindings

BEST VALUE (TIE): Rossignol Experience 88 TI

2020 Rossignol Experience 88 TI
The 2020 Rossignol Experience 88 TIPhoto courtesy of Rossignol

Rossignol continues to dial in its “Line Control Technology,” which is a vertical laminate of metal placed directly in the center of the ski’s wood core. Combined with its next-level damping from the translucent Air Tip with VAS, the Experience 88 TI blew testers away with its smoothness on edge throughout each turn on all sorts of terrain. Hence, it was awarded top marks for overall impression. Caven: “Great hard snow performance ski with nimbleness to ski bumps and crud without thinking.”

2020 Rossignol Experience 88 TI Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.78 / 5 
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 127-88-117
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 166, 173, 180, 187
  • Radius (In Meters): 16
  • MSRP: $750 [BUY NOW]

BEST VALUE (TIE): Nordica Enforcer 88

2020 Nordica Enforcer 88
The new Nordica Enforcer 88Photo courtesy of Nordica

This new, narrow addition to Nordica’s hard-charging Enforcer line still maintains the same pedigree of no-nonsense skis designed to make any descent as fun as possible. With two sheets of Titanal and carbon, this ski made testers feel most rewarded when their technique was on point for hardpack conditions. But they still loved the Enforcer 88’s liveliness in the bumps and beyond. Gleason: “It will openly perform any turn shape with quiet smoothness and dynamic responsiveness.”

2020 Nordica Enforcer 88 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.78 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 122/88/110
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 165, 175, 179, 186
  • Radius (In Meters): 17.5
  • MSRP: $750 [BUY NOW]

Blizzard Brahma 88

2020 Blizzard Brahma 88
The 2020 Blizzard Brahma 88Photo courtesy of Blizzard

The Brahma has gained a cult-like following for being a lot of ski wrapped in a narrow profile, and the stronger testers have always loved it for that reason. Built with two sheets of metal sandwiching a poplar-beech wood core, the Brahma maintains liveliness thanks to a bi-directional carbon insert in the shovel and tail. Veteran testers especially loved the intuitive and balanced feel the Brahma is known for. Schiller: “It has the right feel, response, snap, hold, and weight for effortless all-day mountain smashing.”

2020 Blizzard Brahma 88 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.78 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 127/88/111
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 166, 173, 180, 187
  • Radius (In Meters): 17
  • MSRP: $780 [BUY NOW]

Salomon S/Force Bold

Salomon S/FORCE Bold 2020
The new Salomon S/Force Bold for 2020.Photo courtesy of Salomon

Salomon’s new S/Force Bold might have race-level roots but it features a wide platform that allows high performance carving both on groomed terrain and off. Testers praised the S/Force Bold’s infallible torsional rigidity and its ability to master a variety of turn shapes, hitting a bullseye for intermediate and advanced skiers ready for a shot of confidence to take their skiing to the next level.  Dyer: “Has the appearance of a race ski with the soul of an all-mountain board. This ski impressed me in every turn.”

2020 Salomon S/Force Bold Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.76 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 132/84/116
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 170, 177, 184
  • Radius (In Meters): 16
  • MSRP: $1,200 with bindings [BUY NOW]

Liberty Evolv90

2020 Liberty Evolv90
The new 2020 Liberty Evolv90Photo courtesy of Liberty

Liberty’s new Evolv family seeks to fill the space between the well-loved Origin freeride line and the forgiving-yet-chargeable VMT carving line. Vertically oriented alloy struts between a bamboo and poplar wood core provide complete control when arcing on groomers. The ski also features two tip-to-tail 10mm carbon stringers to provide energy in the crud. Testers praised the Evolv90’s approachability thanks to a generous flex. Kray: “Lots of power and precision here, but easy to access.”

2020 Liberty Evolv90 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.74 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 132/90/114
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 165, 172, 179, 186
  • Radius (In Meters): 18.5
  • MSRP: $800 [BUY NOW]

Stöckli Stormrider 88

2020 Stockli Stormrider 88
The Stöckli Stormrider 88 men’s frontside ski.Photo courtesy of Stöckli

There is a lot of ski packed into the Stormrider 88. Featuring two sheets of Titanal sandwiching a light wood core that uses balsa and fuma, the ski is perfected by a smooth shovel rocker and durable-yet-damping polywall sidewalls. There wasn’t a skier at Taos who could overpower this ski. The test crew agreed that the Stormrider 88 was strongest on hardpack, but could be finessed everywhere else, too. Sommers: “Handled everything I threw at it with ease. Great all-around ski.”

2020 Stöckli Stormrider 88 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.71 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 128/88/114
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 168, 177, 186
  • Radius (In Meters): 19
  • MSRP: $999 [BUY NOW]

Elan Wingman 86Cti

2020 Elan Wingman 86Cti
The 2020 Elan Wingwman 86Cti.Photo courtesy of Elan

The new Wingman line bridges the gap between Elan’s piste-specific Amphibio line and the hard-charging Ripstick family. The 86CTi is packed with tech, including specially cut Titanal sheets that increase power transfer to the inside edge, and carbon rods integrated to provide energy throughout the turn. Testers marked the Wingman 86CTi as the best of the bunch on crud. Larsen: “Amazing tool for the skier who will sometimes ski off-trail but doesn’t want to sacrifice on-trail performance.”

2020 Elan Wingman 86Cti Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.67 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 130/86/115
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 160, 166, 170, 178, 184
  • Radius (In Meters): 16.5
  • MSRP: $800

Head SuperShape i.Titan

2020 Head Supershape i.Titan
The 2020 Head SuperShape i.Titan.Photo courtesy of Head

With the skinniest waist and tightest turn radius in this category, it’s no surprise that the Supershape i.Titan was tied for tester’s top pick for quickness and maneuverability. Featuring the same tech that Head puts in its carving skis, including Graphene positioned underfoot and the longitudinal flex-enhancing KERS chip embedded in the ski, the i.Titan has a massive sweet spot for intermediates, experts, and everyone in between. Sexauer: “Effortless initiation and confident edge hold throughout the turn.”

2020 Head SuperShape i.Titan Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.65 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 137/80/117
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 156, 163, 170, 177
  • Radius (In Meters): 14.1
  • MSRP: $1,200 with bindings

Armada Invictus 89Ti

2020 Armada Invictus 89Ti
The 2020 Armada Invictus 89Ti.Photo courtesy of Armada

The directional Invictus 89Ti stayed true to Armada’s freestyle roots with top marks in playfulness, but testers found the ski could also arc turns on edge with the best of them. With a poplar core, Titanal, carbon fiber stringers, and a damping Innegra mesh laminate, the Invictus 89Ti is an all-around frontside tool that lets skiers get down the mountain with a smile. Schiller: “Playful aspects are apparent and appreciated, but the real clincher was stability on edge. Benchmark ski for the category.”

2020 Armada Invictus 89Ti Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.61 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 131/89/121.5
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 163, 171, 179, 187
  • Radius (In Meters): 18
  • MSRP: $775 [BUY NOW]

Völkl Kendo 88

2020 Volkl Kendo 88
The redesigned 2020 Völkl Kendo 88.Photo courtesy of Völkl

Taking notes from the wider Mantra M5, Völkl added the forked Titanal frame construction to the beloved Kendo this year, upping the ante for playfulness and energy in and out of turns at speed. But what really makes the redesigned Kendo unique is its 3D radius sidecut, a modified shape that allows for a shorter turn radius at slower speeds, and a larger radius that stretches from tip-to-tail as speed increases. Testers found it to be a very capable ski with dependable German engineering.  Caven: “Best Kendo yet, viva la 3D!”

2020 Völkl Kendo 88 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.58 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 129/88/111
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 163, 169, 177, 184
  • Radius (In Meters): 18.6
  • MSRP: $775 [BUY NOW]

K2 Mindbender 90TI

2020 K2 Mindbender 90Ti
The all-new K2 Mindbender 90TIPhoto courtesy of K2

The Mindbender 90Ti stood out for its ability to get intermediate skiers to the next level but still please advanced skiers with its tenacious edging capabilities. The torsional rigidity provided by two layers of metal means that it can hold its own through choppy snow and open up on the ’roy. Testers appreciated how little effort the ski required to perform as the day stretched on under the New Mexico sun. Gleason: “Solid-feeling ski that combines authority in powering through snow with a strong edge grip.”

2020 K2 Mindbender 90TI Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.54 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 127/90/114
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 163, 170, 177, 184
  • Radius (In Meters): 17.9
  • MSRP: $800 [BUY NOW]

Stöckli Laser AR

2020 Stockli Laser AR
The all-new Stöckli Laser AR.Photo courtesy of Stöckli

The newest addition to the Laser family, the AR struck testers as a frontside carver that could handle bumps and crud, but definitely preferred groomed terrain. Stöckli’s Torsion Racing Technology, or TRT, is longitudinal notches in the tip and tail of the Titanal layers and an adaptive contact length that allows the ski to ease in and out of turns. Don’t be fooled, though, this ski demands good technique. Casey: “Fun high-performance ski with enough width you can take it off-piste, but don’t get backseat on it.”

2020 Stöckli Laser AR Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.49 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 130/83/112
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 154, 161, 168, 175, 182
  • Radius (In Meters): 16.5
  • MSRP: $1,249

Dynastar Speed Zone 4×4 82 Pro

2020 Dynastar SpeedZone 4x4 82 Pro
The 2020 Dynastar Speed Zone 4×4 82 ProPhoto courtesy of Dynastar

Testers described this frontside carver from Dynastar as cruisy and always at ease on groomed terrain. With a hybrid core that uses a paulownia and beech blend, damping PU rails that run longitudinally, Powerdrive Multi-Layered sidewalls, and a 3D-shaped rockered tip that smooths the ski’s overall flex, this ski was at home at a moderate speed all day long. Schiller: “Flex was great, no surprises, easy to grab bumps and stashes on the way down. I have a sweet spot for the call back to ‘4×4’ days, too.”

2020 Dynastar Speed Zone 4×4 82 Pro Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.47 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 130/82/110
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 164, 171, 179, 185
  • Radius (In Meters): 16
  • MSRP: $1,000

Faction Dictator 1.0

Faction Dictator 1.0 2020
The 2020 Faction Dictator 1.0.Photo courtesy of Faction

Faction’s freeride-oriented Dictator line is directional, monochromatic, and a boatload of fun for freestyle oriented skiers. The narrowest of the family, the Dictator 1.0 was the testers’ favorite from the brand this year, garnering high marks in playfulness and quickness in the tight trees of Taos. But the 1.0 really shined brightest in the moguls, thanks to a forgiving shovel and a snappy paulownia and poplar wood core. Holmquist: “Lively and fast! Has a nice flex and well rounded ‘go-anywhere’ capabilities.”

2020 Faction Dictator 1.0 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.37 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 120/86/110
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 154, 162, 170, 178, 186
  • Radius (In Meters): 19
  • MSRP: $749

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