Best New Gear: Salomon Pilot Scream 10


Product Name:

Salomon Pilot Scream 10

Contact: 800-225-6850;

What's New? Salomon's Pilot system attaches the binding to the ski with laterally attached mounting pins on the ski top, as opposed to the traditional method of putting screws into the ski.

Cool Factor: A new concept to improve the overall performance of skis while unifying the ski/binding as one system.

Extra, Extra: This system allows the ski to freely flex without interference from the binding to enhance boot-to-ski energy transmission.

Word in the Shop: "We changed the rules of traditional ski/binding systems, creating a single unit that redefines the way skis and bindings work together," said Mike Adams, Salomon's vice president of winter sport products.

"The ski and binding no longer fight each other," said Ted Wardlaw, Salomon alpine product manager. "Now they truly work in concert together."