Best New Gear: Salomon Twin Tip Skis for All


Product Name:

Salomon Seventwenty, Verse ski line

Contact: 800-225-6850;

What's New? Salomon's five-model Verse ski line ranges from 130 to 180 cm and has a wide geometry of 72 or 73 under foot with twin tips on the end. The Seventwenty ranges from 140 to 170 cm in length with a 107-72-98 side cut.

Cool Factor: Both the Verse and Seventwenty skis make the fun behind the new school ski movement more accessible to the public.

Extra, Extra: Salomon's Seventwenty and Verse ski line features most of the benefits of the larger twin tipped Teneighty but will suit skiers with a smaller height or pocket book.

Word in the Shop: "The Verse replaces the X-Free line of skis, turning the mountain into a playground for the average skier," said Ted Wardlaw, Salomon product manager. "Verse skis are wide for float in powder, sidecut for carving enhancement, short for maneuverability, and twin tipped to allow the ski to release easier when turning."