The Best New Helmet Camera?

Contour’s new +2 packs a lot into a little package.
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Contour just announced the Contour+2, the latest and greatest in its helmet cam lineup, which combines some of the brand’s best features into one camera. The Contour+2 is the lovechild of the brand’s simple ContourROAM and its high-end Contour+. For $400, you get a cam that can shoot full HD (1080p) at 60 frames per second (slow motion) at 720p, a waterproof housing, and a handful of mounts. Like the ROAM, the +2 turns on when you push the record switch forward, so you never have to ask your buddy, “is this thing on?” It also has a lens that rotates 270 degrees to make sure your video is right side up no matter how you mount the cam. And a laser bar instead of the old two dots makes it easier to see where the lens is pointed. Like older models, it’s still Bluetooth enabled, so you can use your phone to change settings, see what you’re shooting, and share your videos via social media. It has a GPS receiver to track your vert, speed, and distance. And it’s water resistant even without the housing, so you don’t have to worry about it in snow or light rain. Plus it comes with a 4GB memory card—one less thing you have to buy. Stay tuned for another review once we get this thing on snow. [Editors Note: We actually did use the Chris Davenport's +2 briefly in Chile when we made this video.]

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UPDATE: We've just found out that Contour is giving away one +2 camera a day through September 19. Enter to win here.


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