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The Best of Sundance

The annual Sundance Film Festival, famous for premieres and celebrities, wrapped up recently. If movies aren't your thing, it’s also the best time to find good deals and empty slopes in Park City, Utah. By Jennifer Davis.

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15 Best Bootfitters

We spend a lot of time reminding you to see a good bootfitter—got wide feet? See your bootfitter. Narrow? Bootfitter. Gotta have custom footbed? Bootfitter again. Stance alignment? Hot spots? Heel lift up? You get the picture. We figured that it was about time we gave you some help in finding a good one. So SKI teamed up with the pros from America's Best Bootfitters and Masterfit University, who help run SKI's annual boot test, to help you start your quest for happy feet this season.

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2017's Best Skis: Groomed Snow

Has there been a backlash against wide waists and heavy rocker? They’re great in powder, but most days aren’t powder days. While you wait for the deep stuff, find some fresh cord, tip and rip, and surrender to the need.

Origo Granite Peak Series Altimeter Watch

Best Summer Gear

It's time to trade in skis for bikes, backpacks, and running shoes. Here is a collection of our favorite gear for summer—from board shorts to tents to the best car-camping kitchen setup ever.