The 6 Best Women's All-Mountain Adventure Ski Boots of the Year

There's never been a better time to get one boot for the ups, downs, and everything in between.

You want a boot that doesn’t fold like a pair of jacks under pressure, but you're done with custom sculpting boots that are impossible to put on when it's cold. Get ready for the best of both worlds. For 2019/2020, SKI Magazine used The Lifthouse Ski Shop, located at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon, and a pro-team of female testers to figure out which boots are the best for you. Special thanks to Snowbird for the on-hill portion of the testing.

BEST IN TEST and BEST VALUE: Rossignol AllTrack Pro W

2020 Rossignol AllTrack Pro W

The 2020 Rossignol AllTrack Pro W 110.

The female testers were ecstatic about the AllTrack Pro W. The key ingredients are Dual Core PU in the lower shell to increase performance and Rossi’s Generative Design Grid to reduce weight. Add in a pre-shaped customizable liner and a 50-degree range of motion in walk mode, and this boot can handle everything. “A strong, stable alpine boot with walkability.”

Buy it on Amazon: 2020 Rossignol AllTrack W 80

Rossignol AllTrack Pro W Factsheet

  • FLEXES: 110, 100, 80
  • LAST: 100MM
  • 2020 GEAR GUIDE RANK: #1

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Nordica Strider W

2020 Nordica Strider W

The 2020 Nordica Strider 115 W.

The Strider 115 W took top marks for out-of-the-box comfort while earning high praise for skiability. The 3D cork liner and a burly lower shell made for quick edge-to-edge responsiveness, but a lightweight cuff and weight-saving buckles mean the Strider W can keep up in the bootpack and beyond. “Strong alpine performance and loved the walk mode.”

Nordica Strider W Factsheet

  • FLEXES: 115, 95
  • LAST: 100MM
  • 2020 GEAR GUIDE RANK: #2

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Lange XT Free W

2020 Lange XT Free W

The 2020 Lange XT 110 LV Free W.

Using Dual Core Light, the XT Free W boot trims weight without sacrificing performance. Testers commented on how stable this boot was, noting its superior flex and lateral power transfer. A simple flip of a switch on the back kicks the boot into walk mode for short ski tours and hikes. “Drives everything forward, providing great control of the ski.”

Available on Amazon: 2020 Lange XT 110

Lange XT Free W Factsheet

  • FLEXES: 110, 90, 80
  • LAST: 97MM, 100MM
  • 2020 GEAR GUIDE RANK: #3

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2020 SCARPA Gea RS

The 2020 SCARPA Gea RS.

Featuring a customizable Intuition liner, a carbon-infused grilamid shell, a large walk mode mechanism, and a silky flex in ski mode, the Gea RS impressed testers with its performance and out-of-the-box fit. Don’t put SCARPA into the “backcountry only” category—this boot can handle resorts with ease. “Love the control this boot provides and perfectly snug fit.”

Check it out on Amazon: 2020 SCARPA Gea Rs

SCARPA Gea RS Factsheet

  • FLEX: 120
  • LAST: 101MM
  • 2020 GEAR GUIDE RANK: #4

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K2 Mindbender Alliance

2020 K2 Mindbender Alliance

The 2020 K2 Mindbender Alliance 110.

K2’s new Mindbender Alliance features a no-nonsense, fully heat-moldable shell and liner that provide superior downhill performance. Testers found the walk mode to be one of the best in the test, and also gave kudos to the boot’s featherweight classification and punchy responsiveness. “Solid ski boot and ideal walk mode comfort.”

Available on Amazon: K2 Mindbender Alliance 110

K2 Mindbender Alliance Factsheet

  • FLEXES: 110, 90
  • LAST: 98MM, 100MM
  • 2020 GEAR GUIDE RANK: #5

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Dalbello Lupo AX W

2020 Dalbello Lupo AX W

The 2020 Dalbello Lupo AX W 105

Dalbello’s cabrio boots continue to rise above all other three-piece boots because of their incredible comfort going uphill and downhill on a mountain. Testers especially lauded the Lupo AX’s comfort in the bootpack, and found the boot’s skiing abilities on-par with the rest of the category. “Good forward pressure and the walk mode is incredible!”

Dalbello Lupo AX W Factsheet

  • FLEX: 105
  • LAST: 100MM
  • 2020 GEAR GUIDE RANK: #6

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Best all-mountain boots for women from 2019

For the frontside, backside, moguls, steeps, backcountry, and beyond.

BEST IN TEST: Nordica Speedmachine 115 W

2019 Speedmachine 115 W

The 2019 Nordica Speedmachine 115 W.

The Speedmachine 115 W stood out as the best option for women who want nothing but superior downhill performance. The cork liner provided a perfectly snug hold around the ankle and lower leg, but a moderately wide toe box volume kept things comfy. Add in the boot-fitter-friendly shell adjustability and a no nonsense, expert-specific energy transmission, and no other boot comes close. “One super-smooth ride,” according to one tester. 

  • Last Width (In Millimeters) 100
  • Flex 115
  • Number Of Buckles 4
  • MSRP: $699

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Tecnica Cochise 105 W DYN

2019 Tecnica Cochise 105 W DYN

The 2019 Tecnica Cochise 105 W DYN.

The women’s-specific Cochise was this year’s No. 1 option for skiers who go up on both chairlifts and skin tracks but demand uncompromised downhill performance. The shell is one-third thinner than the brand’s traditional downhill polyurethane (PU) material but remains stiff for the descent. Add in tech binding inserts and the brand’s C.A.S. shell and liner, and this boot stood out amongst testers. “Perfectly cozy and snug at the same time.” 

  • Last Width (In Millimeters): 99
  • Flex: 105
  • Number Of Buckles: 4
  • MSRP: $720 (BUY NOW)

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Rossignol Pure Pro Heat

2019 Rossignol Pure Pro Heat

The 2019 Rossignol Pure Pro Heat

A fuzzy cuff, merino wool insulation, a Bluetooth-enabled heating system, and rock solid on-hill performance made Rossi’s Pure Pro Heat a winner for advanced skiers who want to be comfortable without sacrifice. Testers appreciated the boot’s near-perfect stance and certainly didn’t complain about the warmth factor. A reminder that ski boots don’t have to be uncomfortable to perform well. “A good ride without being too aggressive and forward.” 

  • Last Width (In Millimeters): 100
  • Flex: 100
  • Number Of Buckles: 4
  • MSRP: $750 (BUY NOW)

You can find more details about the Rossignol Pure Pro Heat here.

K2 Luv 110 LV

2019 K2 Luv 110 LV women's ski boot

The 2019 K2 Luv 110 LV.

New for 2018-19, K2 uses four different durometers of PU to create a boot that’s easy to get in and out of but performs well on the ski hill. Like the liner, the entire shell can be heat molded, and the Luv series features a calf adjustment mechanism and two volume options that work with a large variety of leg shapes. Testers worshipped the boot’s responsiveness, making it ideal for hard-charging women with hard-to-fit feet. “Great for advanced, aggressive skiers.” 

  • Last Width (In Millimeters): 98
  • Flex: 110
  • Number Of Buckles: 4
  • MSRP: $750

Find out more about the K2 Luv 110 LV here.

Roxa R3W 105 Ti

2019 Roxa R3W 105 Ti

The 2019 Roxa R3W 105 Ti.

This year, Roxa was most appreciated by the women testers looking for a boot they can use at the resort and for day trips into the backcountry. The R3W 105 Ti’s shell is composed of a combination of lightweight Grilamid and high-performance PU materials surrounding a heat-moldable Intuition tongue liner. Testers enjoyed the boot’s smooth skiability and found it to be the best boot for getting up a bootpack. “Smooth, relaxed, and a natural overall feel.” 

  • Last Width (In Millimeters): 99
  • Flex: 105
  • Number Of Buckles: 3
  • MSRP: $750

See more details about the Roxa R3W 105 Ti here.

BEST VALUE: Salomon X PRO 100 W

2019 Salomon X PRO 100 W

The 2019 BEST VALUE: Salomon X PRO 100 W.

With a fully heat moldable shell and liner, a no-frills look, and dependable performance, the X PRO 100 W remains a go-to boot for women who want great fit and performance everywhere on the mountain. Testers noted that unlike many brands, the X-Pro 100 W felt stiffer than the listed flex rating of 100, meaning that advanced and expert, low-volume-footed women can get what they need from this boot. “Does what it’s supposed to do in all respects.” 

  • Last Width (In Millimeters): 100
  • Flex: 100
  • Number Of Buckles: 4
  • MSRP: $650 (BUY NOW)

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