Comfort Boots

The Best Women's Comfort Ski Boots

Three terrific options for ski boots that strike a balance of being comfy without sacrificing performance.

Didn’t know there was such a thing as “comfort” ski boots? In fact, there are, and thanks to innovative and adjustable technologies in the shell and liner materials, these ski boots marry a more relaxed fit with on-hill performance. With wider lasts, more forgiving flex, and upright shafts, these boots are designed for beginner to intermediate women skiers who are learning how to flex their ankles to turn their skis—all while introducing them to the joy of skiing without frozen or cramped feet. 

Comfort Ski Boots at a Glance

Thanks to technological innovations that look toward the future (Bluetooth heaters) and the past (one buckle is all you really need), there is a select breed of ski boots that fits and performs so well, you might not want to take them off at the end of the day.

  • Boot last (mm): 100+
  • Flex index: 80-90
  • Intended use: Resort skiing
  • Ability level: Beginner to intermediate
  • Foot type: Wide foot

Rossignol Pure Pro Heat

The 2021 Rossignol Pure Pro Heat Women's Comfort ski boot
The 2021 Rossignol Pure Pro Heat women’s comfort ski bootPhoto courtesy of Rossignol
  • FLEX (MENS): 110 (Pictured below)
  • FLEX (WOMENS): 100 (Pictured above)
  • LAST: 100MM
  • PRICE: $800 (AllSpeed Pro Heat), $750 (Pure Pro Heat)

With strong skiing capabilities and fancy toe warmers, Rossi’s Pro Heat models have quickly become the brand’s hottest items in the ski boot scene. The built-in THERM-IC heated liners can be controlled via Bluetooth with a smartphone. The simple four-buckle overlap shells have great on-hill performance and can hold their own all over the hill. These boots will keep your feet happy, warm, and in control no matter how low the temps drop.

Dalbello Panterra

The 2021 Dalbello Panterra 105 W men's comfort ski boot
The 2021 Dalbello Panterra 105 W men’s comfort ski bootPhoto courtesy of Dalbello
  • CATEGORY: Comfort
  • FLEXES (WOMENS): 105, 95, 85, 75
  • LAST: 100MM
  • PRICE: $750 (105 W)

Sometimes a ski boot can surprise users with the right blend of comfort and capabilities on the ski hill. The Dalbello Panterra does exactly that: A well-engineered cabrio three-piece shell features reinforcements where they matter most for on-hill duties, plus a super comfortable, heat-moldable liner and walk-mode for when boots are on, but skis are not. A roomy toe box and a uniquely placed buckle keep the heel locked in place.

The Best Women’s Comfort Ski Boots of 2020

BEST IN TEST and BEST VALUE: 2020 Nordica SpeedMachine W

Nordica SpeedMachine W 2020
The 2020 Nordica SpeedMachine 85 W.Photo courtesy of Nordica

With the narrowest last in the category, the Speedmachine’s downhill performance garnered tester praise, noting that it had a quick command of edges from the get-go. With a customizable PrimaLoft Precision Fit liner and Infrared customizability, this boot will work with anyone who wants uncompromised performance.

2020 Nordica SpeedMachine W Factsheet

  • FLEXES: 115, 105, 95, 85, 75
  • LAST: 100MM
  • 2020 GEAR GUIDE RANK: #1

2020 K2 B.F.C. W

2020 K2 B.F.C. W
The 2020 K2 B.F.C. W90.

Whether you’re a beginner getting used to ski boots or just tired of cramped toes, the B.F.C. is a great option to let your feet feel like they are wrapped in a big soft blanket all day long. With a smooth and muffled on-hill performance, the B.F.C. W is comfortable edge-to-edge as well. “Like slippers, but can adjust to be perfectly snug and not sloppy.”

2020 K2 B.F.C. W Factsheet

  • FLEXES: 90, 80, 70
  • LAST: 103MM
  • 2020 GEAR GUIDE RANK: #2
  • K2 B.F.C. W90 MSRP: $500 [BUY NOW]

2020 Lange LX W

2020 Lange LX W
The 2020 Lange LX 90 W

With a wide last, easy entry, and cozy liner, the LX’s “quick and snappy” performance and its eager rebound at the end of a turn garnered tester praise. The forward stance is ideal for skiers breaking through to the next level, and the comfortable fit encourages pain-free days on the hill. “Great performance without being demanding.” 

2020 Lange LX W Factsheet

  • FLEXES: 90, 80, 70
  • LAST: 102MM
  • 2020 GEAR GUIDE RANK: #3
  • LANGE LX 90 W MSRP: $550 [BUY NOW]

Best Women’s Comfort Ski Boots of 2019

BEST IN TEST: 2019 Lange SX 90 W

18/19 Women's comfort boot, Lange SX 90W
The 2019 Lange SX 90 W.Photo courtesy of Lange

Throw out your preconceived notions of what a Lange boot fits like and try on the SX 90 W. With a liner that is thermo-formable around the ankle and lower leg, this boot is snug where it needs to be and comfy at the same time. Testers were especially happy with its skiing performance, noting that it can dial down on big GS turns just as well as it can handle bumps. “Responsive, quick, and comfortable from start to finish.” 

  • Last Width (In Millimeters): 102
  • Flex: 90
  • Number Of Buckles: 4
  • MSRP: $550

BEST VALUE: 2019 Tecnica Mach Sport HV W 85

18/19 Women's comfort boots, Tecnica MachSport85 W
The 2019 Tecnica Mach Sport HV W 85.Photo courtesy of Tecnica

Testers praised the number of customizable options on the new Mach Sport, in particular the adjustable flex and cuff ladders that can change with a skier’s needs over time. On the hill, this boot performed extremely well. Testers found it to be responsive, smooth, and confidence inspiring. All this in a sharp package and incredible price made the Mach Sport a tester favorite. “Fun, light, and gives support to help you improve.” 

  • Last Width (In Millimeters): 103
  • Flex: 85
  • Number Of Buckles: 4
  • MSRP: $360 [BUY NOW]

2019 Dalbello Kyra 85

18/19 Dalbello Kyra 85 W
The 2019 Dalbello Kyra85.Photo courtesy of Dalbello

“It’s like butter!” remarked one tester about the Kyra 85’s flex. All of the testers agreed that this cabrio boot was downright squishy in walk mode but held its own while skiing, providing great performance without a fight. It was also resoundingly comfortable, one tester noted you’ll likely forget you’re wearing these boots until long after the lifts stop spinning (luckily you can swap the soles if they get worn out). “This boot put a smile on my face.” 

  • Last Width (In Millimeters) 102
  • Flex 85
  • Number Of Buckles 4
  • MSRP: $550 [BUY NOW]

2019 Salomon X PRO 80W CHC

18/19 Salomon XPro 80 W
The 2019 Salomon X PRO 80W CHC.Photo courtesy of Salomon

Testers were impressed by the higher-than-advertised stiffness of the X PRO 80W CHC, as well as its skier-friendly stance. Beyond the quick energy transmission and platinum edge-to-edge performance, testers were especially stoked about the Bluetooth-connected heated liner controlled via smartphone, proving that well-performing boots don’t have to lack amenities. “Easy-skiing boot that can confidently take you anywhere on the mountain.”

  • Last Width (In Millimeters): 100
  • Flex: 80
  • Number Of Buckles: 4
  • MSRP: $600

Best Women’s Comfort Ski Boots of 2018

BEST IN TEST: 2018 Tecnica Mach1 95 W MV

2018 Tecnica Mach1 95 W MV
The 2018 Tecnica Mach1 95 W MV.

In truth, Tecnica makes only minimal concessions for warmth and convenience in the Mach1 series. (For ultimate comfort—and lower prices—see the super-roomy Ten.2 line.) For instance, there’s no walk mode—which can rob a boot of rearward support. And while MV versions of the Mach1 line are roomier than the 98-mm LV versions, they’re still sweetly stable and responsive. Testers, however, found the 95 W comfortable enough, and loved the eager, quick performance. Dalury: “Very forgiving fit without sacrificing snow feel. Great looking too.” 

  • MSRP: $600
  • Flex: 95
  • Width: Medium (100 mm)

BEST VALUE: 2018 Lange RX 80 W 

2018 Lange RX 80 W
The 2018 Lange RX 80 W.

As with most of its RX line, Lange offers this model in two different fits. But testers agreed that even the wider 100-mm version felt pretty snug (even a little too much so for some). And if anything, the 80-flex rating seemed a little low. In short, it’s quite a bit more boot than you might expect in this category—so if it’s a good fit for your particular foot shape, you’re psyched. “A good value considering how well it handles,” said Bruno. 

  • Price: $500
  • Flex: 80
  • Width: Medium (100 mm)

2018 Rossignol Alltrack 80 W

2018 Rossignol Alltrack 80 W
The 2018 Rossignol Alltrack 80 W.

The 80 flex was a little soft, and the 102-mm width a bit loose, but though it lacked power and twitchiness as a result, testers still liked the Alltrack’s sensitive snow-feel. And the good news: No matter what flex you want (70-110) or width (100 or 102 mm), Rossi makes an Alltrack to suit your needs. The line is built for freeride adventure, complete with hike mode for table dancing or occasional out-of-bounds forays. MacLauchlan: “Super comfy, sharp looking.” 

  • Price: $500
  • Flex: 80
  • Width: Wide (102 mm)

2018 Fischer RC Pro W 90

2018 Fischer RC Pro W 90
The 2018 Fischer RC Pro W 90.

Slim-footed women might want to try the next size down, testers warned. But they liked the looks and performance of the RC Pro enough to see past its roomy fit, and they’re sure that big-boned feet will feel right at home. No gimmicks, no unnecessary features…just a good-skiing boot from a brand whose high-value products are often underrated. “Sleek look, with all the necessary features for this skier type,” said MacLauchlan. With proper fitting, it’s a boot you could get better in.” 

  • Price: $500
  • Flex: 90
  • Width: Medium (100 mm).

2018 Full Tilt Plush 4

2018 Full Tilt Plush 4
The 2018 Full Tilt Plush 4.

Full Tilt, of course, makes only three-piece boots—also known as cabrio designs because the shell tongue opens forward to allow the foot to easily slide in. Originally built for comfort and convenience, some skiers swear by their performance, thanks to the long juicy flex. The Plush certainly succeeds with comfort, testers said. And plenty of stand-tall, turn-smearing new schoolers use their Full Tilts to rip. Dalury: “I enjoyed the smooth ride more than I expected.” 

  • Price: $450
  • Flex: 80
  • Width: Wide (102 mm)

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