Bindings 2000: Rossignol


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Rossignol’s binding line has been extensively revamped for this year. From the top to way, way down the line, everything is essentially new over the past two seasons. Top dogs in terms of technology are Rossi’s Axial heelpieces, which look¿ahem¿very similar to another company’s. Come to think of it, so do the toepieces. Anyway, the Axial heels are a lot more user-friendly than any turntable you may have used in the past.

Release Features: All Rossi toes release upward, and most are paired with a mechanical AFD. Axial turntable heels, which rotate with the boot in twisting falls, are used with the company’s flagship models, as are the top-end Axitech toes, which are also paired with a couple of different step-in heels further down the line.

Passive Enhancers: Mounting holes for toepieces and heelpieces that are closer together on the Axial bindings are cited by the company as a ski-flex enhancer. Lifters and plates abound, from the heavy-dampening SL, GS Race, and Axial Carve Plates to regular old stock lifters.

Active Enhancers: There are no active enhancers in the Rossignol line.

Axial 110 Carve
Adjustment Range 3.5-11
We want the Axial pivoting heel and we want the Axitech toe, and a high tech plate. So do we go for the Axial 140 Race Carve for $400, with a 5-14 Adjustment Range we’ll never use? No, no, no. We’ll take the 110 Carve: same toe, same heel, same Axial Carve Plate underfoot, and four double sawbucks in our pocket. $320

FTX 105 Carve
Adjustment Range 3-10
If we don’t want to spend the premium for Rossi’s Axial, we can go carve happy with the FTX 105 Carve for 65 bucks less. It uses a three-piece (more durable than a two-piece) step-in heel, and we still get the top-of-the-line toe. Lose the Carve Plate and go with a stock lifter with the 105 Pro, and we’ll save an additional $30. $255

FDX 100 Pro
Adjustment Range 3-10
This one’s a long deal. The FDX 100 Pro has the Axitech toe, a functional two-piece step-in heel, a lifter, and a workable Adjustment Range. It’s tough not to like it. And, based on dealer-cost, this binding can be had for significantly less than the price quoted here. $185