Bindings 2000: Ski Steroids


As the name suggests, enhancers affect the way a ski feels on snow. Here's how:

Passive enhancers may be as simple as a few-centimeter lifter, as sophisticated as a full-length dampening plate, or some combination in between. Lifters raise the boot off the ski, giving the skier more leverage and thus better edge bite and carving power. Nearly every binding comes with a lifter of some sort. Dampening and flex-enhancing plates show up on higher-end bindings and as aftermarket add-ons. If you're into heavy angulation and high speeds, they're worth considering.

Active enhancers allow the skier to control the binding's effect on ski feel. Tyrolia's Power Select adjusts the ski's camber; Marker's Selective Control affects the ski's flex underfoot; and Atomic's Variozone moves the binding forward or backward on the ski. The effect of each is acutely noticeable, and years of on-slope testing have told us that most skiers like them. If you're a skier who wants to be truly dialed in every condition, active enhancers are the ticket.