Black Diamond Equipment Initiates Voluntary Recall For PIEPS DSP Avalanche Transceivers

The button that holds the mode switch in place allows the transceiver to change modes easily–making it unsafe for use.

Update April 12, 2021: Black Diamond has officially set up a voluntary recall for some Pieps DSP avalanche transceivers. Learn more here.

Black Diamond Equipment has initiated a Fast Track voluntary product recall program for PIEPS DSP avalanche transceivers. Black Diamond Equipment is the North American distributor for PIEPS.

This announcement specifically pertains to the PIEPS DSP Pro, DSP Pro Ice, and DSP Sport avalanche transceivers.

Additional information will be released shortly, as soon as details of the program have been finalized by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Representatives of Black Diamond shared that while details on the recall are still being finalized by the US CPSC, its regulatory counterpart org in Europe (RAPEX) approved this for PIEPS and they are going live with their program today. As soon as the US CPSC approves the BD voluntary product recall, we’ll share the details of the program, which they expect to be in the next two weeks.

In the fall of 2020, ACMG ski guide and athlete Christina Lustenberger posted a series of photos and videos on Instagram calling for skiers to abandon the devices after she was involved in an avalanche incident where a member of her party, professional skier Nick McNutt, was buried and his beacon was not emitting a signal.

The skiers determined the button that holds the mode switch in place had worn down or been depressed unintentionally by the harness or something else to allow the transceiver to change modes easily.

Lustenberger’s account garnered feedback from other skiers who experienced similar failures and prompted a boycott of the popular beacon. Read the full account of the event here.