Black Diamond Recalls Avy Airbags

The Utah-based company is recalling all of its JetForce avalanche airbags due to faulty firmware. By Ryan Dionne

Black Diamond is recalling all of its JetForce avalanche airbag packs due to a potential firmware malfunction.

While there haven’t been reports of accidents or injuries, there have been reports of the pack failing to deploy after it was electronically charged, or the pack’s motor randomly turning off.

The recall affects roughly 1,200 airbags in North America (along with additional packs worldwide), and includes all JetForce packs under the Black Diamond, Pieps, and Poc labels. According to Black Diamond, less than 1 percent of JetForce packs have had reported issues.

“While there have been no accidents involving any JetForce Technology packs, our commitment to our users’ safety leads us to issue this recall to make the required firmware update on all packs,” Black Diamond’s CEO, Peter Metcalf, says in a statement.

Each pack with a date code from 4275 to 5077 should be immediately returned to Black Diamond for the firmware update. The company is said to be returning packs within two weeks.

To find the date code, check the label located on the inside of the front pocket of the pack.