Black Diamond Shiva MX 110 (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $729.00
Year: 2014
Level: N/A
Gender: Female

"Super light, super strong on edge and stable at speed, the Shiva MX is highly versatile. Its light weight and its cuff’s massive travel range make it suitable for extended tours; its solid construction makes it a great match for in-bounds action. Yet the lower has a nicely cushioned feel and an insanely long range of travel in hike mode. Testers said it was one of few all-mountain hike mode boots to ski as strong as alpine boots in the same width category. They liked the release mechanism for its simple-stupid ease of use and obviously in or out feel—free to hike and tour, securely locked and loaded for downhill missions. It does fit tight. Our aggro testers loved that but noted that it fit more like the narrow boots they'd tested. Tester Comments: ""Great balance. Very powerful. Super responsive."" ""Surprisingly stable with fat skis or carvers. Tight fitting but no issues."""