Black Diamond's New Skis (video)

Black Diamond's new power line of skis.
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bd's new power skis

Black Diamond is launching a new line of their power series of skis. They've updated some old favorites, like the Verdict and the Zealot, and they're bringing some new skis to the line including the 135 underfoot Gigawatt


Winter Lab: Black Diamond JetForce

Winter Lab: Black Diamond JetForce

Skiing Winter Lab Bro-tologist Ryan Dionne talks about the Black Diamond JetForce avalanche airbag system. This innovative airbag system inflates via a rechargeable battery and a fan.


How To: Demo Skis

When it comes to skis it's always good to try before you buy. Which is why demoing skis is a good idea. Line Skis' Alex Albers told us what kind of research to do before you demo, how to fully test the skis on snow, and what he looks for in a ski.