Blizzard Black Pearl 98

2018 All Mountain Ski


Overall Rating 4.06 / 5
Tip / Waist / Tail (in Millimeters) 135-98-119
Lengths (in Centimeters) 152, 159, 166, 173
Radius (in Meters) 15


Level Advanced
Waist Width (in Millimeters) 90-105

This ski replaces the popular Samba, its name now capitalizing on the popularity of the Black Pearl 88 (see All-Mountain Narrow). Blizzard continues to tinker with the design under its new women-to-women initiative, an impressive investment in making women’s gear stronger and lighter. The Pearl gets a carbon frame integrated into the flipcore—which takes advantage of the wood’s natural bend—and multi-directional glass and more carbon in the wood core. It rips everywhere, in every condition—and for lesser experts, it’ll hold your hand and coax you anywhere you want to go. “All the performance of the Samba, but way friendlier,” Gibbons said.

Strengths: Quickness/Maneuverability, Stability at Speed