Blizzard G-Power FS (2016)


Rating: / 5
Price: $1440.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female
Waist Width: 75
Tip/Tail/Waist: 124-75-108
Lengths: 167,174,181

The G-Power FS is a giant slalom-style ski intended for those who like to carve groomers at high speeds. It's slightly wider than most race-style skis, with a 124 mm tip and 75 mm waist (other Blizzard race-style skis are 121 mm at the tip and 71 mm underfoot), and it has a 13.5 m radius at the 174 cm length, shorter than Blizzard's other giant slalom-style ski, the WRC Racing. A couple other big differences about the G-Power FS are its integration of Full Suspension, 3 Matrix, and Dura-Tec technology. Full Suspension integrates a carbon fiber structure designed to act like an elastic band and reduce vibrations in the ski. 3 Matrix aligns the camber profile, sidecut, and construction of the ski so they lay perfectly aligned on top of each other, designed for extra stability. Dura-Tec integrates aluminum tip protectors, thicker top sheets, tail protectors, and more, designed to keep the ski as durable as possible over time. The G-Power FS is part of Blizzard's High Performance series, which specializes in race-style products. Traditional camber is designed for smooth turns and Sandwich Compound Sidewalls feature durable ABS and phenol plastics designed to keep edges locked down on the snow. Whether you're trying to catch up with Ted Ligety or just trying to win your local beer league, this is one of the best series Blizzard has to offer you. Blizzard, based in Mittersill, Austria, was founded in 1953. Its U.S. headquarters are in West Lebanon, N.H.