Blizzard Magnum 8.7 IQ Max (2012)


Rating: / 5
Price: $1200.00
Year: 2012
Level: 3
Gender: Male
Waist Width: 87
Tip/Tail/Waist: 128-87-113
Lengths: 167

Similar in build to the M-Power-early-rise tip, wood core, sandwich, sidewall construction with metal layers-but without the hard phenol sidewall or oil piston, the 8.7 Max is designed to be just a bit less touchy. In other words, if the M-Power is a Ferrari, the Magnum 8.7 is a BMW. With an 87 waist and slight tip rocker, it's built to be capable in soft stuff, but the IQ binding interface-which transfers power instantly from foot to edge-is designed to make it carve like a ski half its size. Sold with binding for $1,200 or with a slider plate that accommodates any binding-AT, tele included-for $950.