Blizzard Power 800 Suspension IQ (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $1200.00
Year: 2014
Level: 4
Gender: Male
Waist Width: 104
Tip/Tail/Waist: 120-72-104
Lengths: 160, 167, 174, 181

The returning Power 800 isn't a big seller, but Blizzard says it's a particular favorite of instructors, who love it for precision carving at speed on groomers. With it's quick, carvy 72-mm waist, it's identical in shape and construction to the R-Power. The only difference is it gets a simplified version of Marker's Suspension vibration dampening system, with carbon-reinforced flex-management arms extending forward-only from the binding, rather than fore and aft. The three-model Power series - beloved in Europe, though less popular in freeride-oriented North America - is built for speed-loving carve technicians. The three models in the line are all feature-rich - "the most technology we can jam into a ski," says Blizzard - and commensurately expensive. They're traditional high-performance constructions, with wood cores for snap and integrity, vertical sidewalls for maxium edge grip, and metal reinforcement for power and supple calm at the highest speeds on the hardest snow. All Power series models are offered only as systems, complete with 12-DIN Marker bindings. The binding systems all feature Marker's Suspension technology: carbon-reinforced flex-management arms extending fore and aft of the binding (in the Full Suspension version; just forward in the stripped down Suspension version) and fixed underfoot in an oil-filled piston that quiets the ski between turns so that the new edge engages sooner in the new turn.