Blizzard Skis 2001-02


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Blizzard Skis 2001-02


While worldwide sales of Blizzard skis increased 47 percent last season, Blizzard skis remained largely unsold in the U.S. That may be about to change. “After a volatile decade of ownership, management, and distributor changes, Blizzard is back,” says Scott Russo, marketing director for Dalbello Sports, the new Blizzard ski distributor for the U.S. Dalbello plans to apply what it calls a “successful strategy of giving retailers outstanding product, realistically priced, with above average profitability.”

Next year’s line features two notable constructions (both technologies you can see on the ski). Firstly, Sigma technology, introduced last season, incorporates a twin power rail profile with a recessed channel down the center of the ski. The idea behind Sigma: vibration absorption and energy transmission to the edges for a solid, stable-feeling ski. “Sigma, with its 3D shape, allows you to control torsional rigidity along the ski,” explains Russo. Some Sigma models come with “integrated power or absorber plates.” Selected Sigma models will feature Blizzard’s Kompressor technology, a carbon (or, new this season, titanium) rod that runs along the channel between the power rails and is attached at the tip and tail by a floating connector. It’s designed to add liveliness, boost rebound energy, and enhance ski-to-snow contact. These technologies ultimately make shorter skis feel more stable, says the company.

Secondly, Thermo Gel technology uses a vibration damping gel inside the ski. The gel is insensitive to temperature changes, so even in extreme cold, it functions to quiet the ski and improve stability. Thermo Gel can be seen through a window on the ski. “With Thermo Gel, you can have a ski that’s easy to ski but still stable.” For 2001-2002, Blizzard has tweaked the placement of the gel.

In addition to the four main groups, Blizzard will also offer Junior skis and a Rental line.

Race Series
New in the race group is the Sigma RS TT, a World Cup winning GS ski with a titanium Sigma profile, twin titanium Kompressors, and a STRA (Sigma Titanium Racing Absorber) plate. The Sigma SLR Kompressor, a full blown slalom racing model, returns to the line with a slightly different plate and a titanium Kompressor. The Sigma SSK shortie slalom ski with carbon Kompressor and STCA (Sigma Titanium Carving Absorber) will see a change in graphic. The carbon Kompressor in the Sigma RSK (“a quick, stable, versatile, all-mountain performance/race ski”) will be stiffer than last year and will come with or without a plate.
New: Sigma RS TT. Modified: Sigma SLR Kompressor, Sigma SSK, Sigma RSK.

Freeride Series
The FR Titan is a new wide-body freeride ski for experts in off-piste conditions. The Thermo Gel FR 21 and Thermo Gel FR 21L are “responsive, smooth, all-round all-terrain performers.” The rest of the line will see new graphic treatments: The Sigma FR 22 Kompressor is “a quick, solid, and stable all-terrain cruiser” with a carbon Kompressor and Titanal laminate construction. The Sigma FR 20 is a “responsive, go-anywhere performer” with absorber plate. The Sigma FR 18 is identical to the FR 20 but with twin-tip construction.
New: FR Titan, Thermo Gel FR 21, Thermo Gel FR 21L.
Modified: Sigma FR 22 Kompressor, Sigma FR 20, Sigma FR 18.

Carve Series
This series returns with new cosmetics throughout. For experts looking for quick, responsive carving precision, there’s the Sigma SLK, featuring Sigma construction with carbon Kompressor and absorber plate. For more forgiveness on the groomed, there’s the Sigma SC 18 and 18L, featuring Sigma construction with absorber plate. The Thermo Gel SC 18 and 18L are identical in construction to the Sigma SC 18 skis but with Thermo Gel technology and a lighter weight. Both come with or without plates. The Thermo Gel SC 20 and 20L are softer-flexxing versions of the 18 skis, for recreational carvers. Thermo Gel V-23 is a low-pricepoint easy carver.
Modified: Sigma SLK, Sigma SC 18/18L, Thermo Gel SC 18/18L, Thermo Gel SC 20/20L.

Slopestyle/Skiboard Series
The TT X 80 and PP X 80 are two new twin-tip skis with identical, symmetrical sidecuts but with different laminate layups. Both come with patented tail protectors. Back this season with new graphics are the 99.5-cm Carvelino B skiboard and the 65-mm Carvelino J for kids. Both come with bindings.
New: TT X 80, PP X 80.
Modified: Carvelino B, Carvelino J.