Blizzard Slider binding plate

Turn a single ski into a quiver
Blizzard Slider binding plate THUMB

Blizzard’s new Slider binding plate ($80) gives you choices. It mounts—in seconds, with a single screw—to any Blizzard IQ Max ski, and accepts any flat-ski compatible binding. You get the benefits of Blizzard’s unique IQ interface (slop-free energy transfer, unimpeded flex), using a binding you might already own. (Blizzard calls it the industry’s first “open-source” system.) The mounting process is so easy, you might even want two or more Sliders, one mounted with your AT binding, another with your telemark binding, and so on. One ski, multiple applications. On top of all that, the Slider offers 7 cm of fore-aft stand-position adjustability, so you can crank it forward for park-and-pipe applications, or all the way back for deep-snow surfing. A true multi-tool.